Day: 21 July 2017


Leaving Geronimo behind #FridayReflections

  Ever since the Black Tom found itself on Makete Street, Sandokan began to act strangely. “It’s Geronimo, I’m sure . He’s come after me again!” “Nonsense”, said Princess ” you’re imagining things. And even if it is , I’m sure he’s changed. Everyone does! ” “Forget it Princess. He’s not going to change. “It’s …

Mumbai Diary

Stormy skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

Driving down Marine Drive  today, I saw several people taking pictures of the stormy sky. This was a welcome relief for a city that was literally lashed with high speed winds that blew away umbrellas. The whole of last week was wet , dreary and equally with the wind whistling through the gaps in our …