A Nightsky in Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

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This week has been comparatively dry but the heavy downpours have resulted in huge crater like pot holes in several roads of Mumbai. While the roads in my part of the town are comparatively better, the paver blocks have come up in many parts, bits of road have sunk and basically there is almost always a thin film of slush on the roads even if it hasn't rained continueously. This makes walking on the road more of a chore than a pleasure. So now I am walking on a treadmill in the comfort of a gym.

However, this doesn't quite compare to the vibrancy of a walk on Marine Drive which as you can see is still crowded and buzzing as late as 8 in the evening.

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Happy Weekend


Author: Unishta

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  1. Well, Well, Well. This is a complete surprise for me. I had never expected a Mumbai girl on this blog fest, but I’m glad I have been proven wrong. Marine Drive is a special place for me. If you read my blogs you will find out why. I am a Bombay guy (now I live in Vasai), but I can completely understand how Bombay roads offer an opportunity to play the Dodge-The-Pothole live action game during the monsoon season. Also, this is an ideal time for those who want to be a NASA astronaut and want to walk the moon. Please come to Mumbai and enjoy some crater-hopping practice before qualifying further.
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  2. Whoa… pavers floating is a new one. It’s the same story every rains in every Indian city… enjoy the rains for the skies, sunset , walks and generally the moods it brings about.

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