Love in the time of war #Book Review of BAAZ


When you’re down and out there’s nothing like Chicklit to pick you up. Feeling under the weather after a particularly violent attack of diarrhea, I decided I needed to get back to my time an tested remedy of a good read. I chanced upon BAAZ Anuja Chauhan’s latest novel and grabbed it simply because of its compelling cover. Being a ‘child ‘ of the Defence Forces, stories of army life have always fascinated me. And nothing can be harder to resist than the image of a young man swaggering out of a paperback.

Having thus been induced to part with Rs.399, I settled down to a nice read after dinner. Surprisingly, it was well past 2 a. m when I finally put  it down the book. There was the warm feel good sensation all right, but what thrilled me more was that I FINISHED THE BOOK  IN A  SINGLE SITTING.  I must admit, however, that I was disappointed with the end.

The Plot:

Ishaan Faujdar, the simple Jat from Chakkhera and Tehmina Dadyseth cross paths in the most unusual ways. As alike as chalk and cheese the two make the unlikeliest couple but share an undeniable chemistry. She is a sophisticated Parsi girl with an American accent while he is a true son of the soil, making no bones about his humble origins . Both are rebels and thrill seekers in their own way with each one having familial baggage to deal with. He is a fighter pilot while she is a photographer  though I would best describe her as a dilettante.

From the initial days at the Air Force Academy at Jodhpur  to the final days of the Bangladesh war in Bangladesh we are also introduced to the lives of Maddy, Raja , Jana, Gana, Mana . They may come across as stereotypes but do infact truly represent the men who defend our borders.  Thrill seekers, patriots or merely duty bound sons, these young men forge bonds of camaraderie and brotherhood that can only be understood by those aquainted with the military.

Baaz is not only the story of Ishaan  and his buddies but an effective portrayal of the romance of a military life that is fast vanishing . Easy to read with language that flows, it doesn’t require much thinking top go through. However, there are times when the plot is ludicrous.  There are also times when the plot is predictable. But, I suppose, when the sky is the limit there’s no reason to curtail one’s imagination is there?

Verdict : Anuja Chauhan has pulled off another chicklit winner with her easy going Hinglish that has now become the norm. While it won’t go down as a classic, it is definitely a light read, perfect for a rainy afternoon, a train journey to nowhere or just a pepper upper.

So now that the rains are pelting down, go order yourself a copy from Flipkart or Amazon and a pizza too if you’re up for it and breeze through the story of Shaanu and Tehmina.

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