How to order a gas cylinder #UBC Day 5

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Order a gas cylinder? I can hear you ask that question. Now why on earth would you want to learn how to order a gas cylinder?

Well, simply because if you use gas to cook in India, you will have to know how to order one.

Many urban households in India use gas to cook. And this gas is not piped – it is bottled. The bottles are not sold in retail stores or even at petrol stations but are home delivered by the distributors who are in turn appointed by the petroleum companies.

Now why would you bother with all this? Only because Paul Taubman who is hosting the UBC Challenge,  says visitors are coming to my blog to LEARN something . Sadly, this is not entirely true . As a matter of fact, the number of visitors has significantly dropped since I’ve begun this challenge .

However , today we have to write a HOW TO post.

There are a million things I could teach you to do : such as write a letter, make a phone call, fry an egg, etc. Or I could teach you how to say Hello in 4 Indian languages, how to take a photograph or even how to use a smart phone. You do get the drift don’t you ?

But I really don’t know what to teach you because I am not an expert at anything.

So  I will teach you how order a gas cylinder on telephone because it can be difficult if you don’t know how.

How to order a gas cylinder.

1. Call up the telephone number of the authorised distributor you are allotted to.

2. A deep, husky voice will  welcome you to the gas booking service in three different languages English ( international), Hindi ( national) and the local Indian language .

3. You will be asked to choose the language in which you wish to continue .

4. After you press the correct number husky voice will call out your registered mobile  number that it has recognised and ask you to confirm it.

5. When you have confirmed this by pressing the correct number , husky voice will ask you to punch in your Customer number .

6. This number is  repeated back to you and you are once again asked to confirm it.

7. Husky voice will then ask you to confirm whether or not you are a registered customer of the dealer that it recognises is yours.

8.Once you have confirmed this , husky voice will rattle out a order booking number that is so long that there is no point in trying to commit it to memory.

6. Husky voice will then thank you for using the Petrolem Company’s IVR booking service.

Now what’s so difficult about that?

Firstly, this operation of hearing the message and punching in the right option becomes a bit difficult if you are using a hand held device with the dial pad on the same device. If you don’t punch fast enough, you will have to press * or # to go back to the menu and start the process once again.

And most importantly, you cannot get a new gas unless you get a gas connection .

Now that is quite a process . It involve three more HOW TO POSTS

How to apply for a gas connection.

Hiw to apply for a ration card that is required for proof of residence.

How to apply for an electricity connection so that you can get a bill to prove that you are staying in the place you claim to be staying.

How to apply for an Aadhar Card that is now required to prove that you are recognised as an individual.

How to apply for a birth certificate to prove that you are born.

PS : You’d better order a gas cylinder a few days before it gets over unless you plan on eating out till the new refill arrives.

Now that’s not too hard is it ?

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  1. Martha says:

    I can relate to this since when we lived in the country, we had gas for cooking and heating! Our was in a large tank in the back yard but we had to call when it was getting low. Since it was used for heat, we had to make sure they showed up, especially in the cold winter months! Thanks for bring back memories for me!
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