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Stormy skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

Driving down Marine Drive  today, I saw several people taking pictures of the stormy sky. This was a welcome relief for a city that was literally lashed with high speed winds that blew away umbrellas. The whole of last week was wet , dreary and equally with the wind whistling through the gaps in our front door .

The respite this week was welcome indeed and  Marine Drive was filled with people whipping out their cellphones to capture the stormy skies. It was the middle of the afternoon but you could see everyone out there enjoying the cool breeze without the hassle of flying umbrellas and  pointless raincoats.

Happy weekend all. Enjoy the weather wherever you are.

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Join me and other bloggers from around the world sharing their skies here on #SkywatchFriday.

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    1. Oh yes. Much awaited since ours is a rain fed agricultural economy. Bad monsoon= bad economy. Good monsoon= good economy. Good economy =happy people!

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