When blue Sunday became blue Monday #MondayMusing

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Sunday Blues

Some days are for living. Others are for getting through.
                                                       Malcolm S. Forbes

Normally I am blue on Monday morning  because the relaxed weekend past is replaced by the hectic pace of a new week. However , my blue mood today is a carry forward from yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days that began really well before it unravelled into a stony silence . One of those silences where you watch each other warily waiting to see who will make the first move . What will be the first signal that a truce is in the offing .

In my experience, once the day gets off to a bad start , it only becomes worse . Every thing you do just boomerangs into a disappointment and more disappointment.

Like the evening’s incident with BaydaBai . She had got up early yesterday morning to make the freshly arrived pumpkin into puris with great enthusiasm. She could hardly contain herself by late evening when she went across the road to deliver a box  of freshly fried Pumpkin Puris to Wow Dinga and Little Po.

Unsure of exactly when to time her trip, she decided to make the quick 10 minute dash between our staggered meal times . Unfortunately, it clashed with babies’ bed time and she didn’t get a chance to see their delighted faces as she handed them the goodies. Sadly both the boys were asleep and she quietly gave the box and left .

She had spent a better part of the morning making the puris and was crestfallen when she discovered that she wouldn’t see them.

I wasn’t really surprised because Sunday was a lousy day all in all.


Why is it that bad days get us down while good days fly away?

I hope you had a great day though!

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  1. That’s how life goes I guess…a bit of yin and a bit of yang. If all would be good, we’d have never learnt to appreciate it.

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