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Swishing a magic wand # WOW


It’s Sunday yet again and  ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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Little Po was sick last week and in one of my baby sitting sessions, I  amused him with a simple Magic Trick. I would hide my slippers behind my back and ask him where they were. Then I’d say “Magic” and whip them out bringing a wan smile to his little face.

Honestly, last week was a week where I could have done with a magic wand to make life less chaotic.

One of the joys of the monsoon is the Cough& Cold Relay that is happily passed on from one person to the next.

Did you have a cold this week? Or even a sneeze this entire season?

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Author: Unishta

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  1. Aww tell me about cold and cough as a Mommy! My lo has a bad bout of cough and a running nose what with the crazy weather in Pune. As a Mum I know we all badly need a magic wand especially on days when it seems like a completely hazy one, but as you rightly said, we would miss out on the little joys and life would be too comfortable and boring “ho hum” as you put it then!

  2. That’s real light take on the magic wand…
    So on the lighter side, there is a magic wand for cold in general and blocked nose in specific…vicks vaporub inhaler…

    Easier said than done. the weather is really nasty…wish could get one magic wand to shoo away all illnesses!!!

    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Starting Afresh

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