Why is a visit to Singapore incomplete without exploring Underwater World?

There are many things you need to inform yourself about before you start to book Mumbai to Singapore cheap flights. Before the 1800’s, Singapore was just a fishing village and a colony that was passed on under the rule of the British, the Japanese and finally, it was decided it would be a part of Malaysia. However, breaking free from this association the people of Singapore build one of the worlds’ most developed nations in no time, setting a common example.

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One of the main reasons for this is the islands strategic location in the southern Indian Ocean. Deep blue waters and the ideal tropic temperatures don’t just confer a naval, financial, and strategic advantage to the country. The ocean around this inspiring nation is its pride, its beauty, and its support system. To do justice to the ethereal beauty of its oceans, you need to dive deep and explore its inviting silences.


There is no point visiting Singapore if you do not plan to explore the allure of its deep waters; and here are few reasons why –


  1. Natural Geography

Though small Singapore has its own highly complex and diverse range of ecosystem, Especially, its marine and coastal ecosystems, which are worth paying attention to. Coral reefs are known as the tropical forests of the underwater world. They offer a haven of shelter, food, and comfortable breeding to a plethora of beautiful species.

With snorkeling or scuba diving you get to witness different kinds of coral flora like the flat reefs, crest reef and the reef slope.

On the contrary to the accepted assumption that Singapore’s coral reefs have been destroyed, they are alive and thriving. It supports thousands of mesmerizing and rare species of animals that are on the verge of extinction. This is a natural heritage that every person in Singapore treasures and values.

Apart from the coral reefs, there is a wide inter-tidal area covered with a generous growth of sea grass and sea weed that supports the herbivores of the underwater kingdom, which indirectly lead to intensePisciculture.


  1. Technology and Advanced Gear

Singapore is known for its awe-inspiring aquifers and aquariums. With underwater tunnels that take a right through the middle of a busy underwater ecosystem. This setting lets you enjoy as well as learn more about the natural habitats of these animals along with their natural behavior. From larger sharks and small whales to tiny crustaceans and amphibians – you get to witness it all in its de-facto setting.

Apart from this excellent infrastructure, you can try out trending underwater sports originating in the Singapore like the underwater rugby and underwater hockey. You might feel a little skeptical about this absurd concept; however, once you and your friends try it there is no going back. There are legitimate tournaments conducted by clubs for these sports that are rewarded handsomely too. Hence, it is one of the things that you should give a try before taking off from Singapore.


  1. Safety 

With great passions for underwater sports come great dangers. The tides, the large unpredictable waves and the threat of poisonous flora and fauna are some of the constant perils of this thrilling activity. However, experience, advanced technology, and intricate knowledge about the ecosystem of the island; there have been many measures that have been taken to avoid such mishaps, especially to the tourists that visit the country every year.

With advanced gear, speed boats, resurrection, and emergency kits you can rest assured that your adventures will not have any regretful repercussions.




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