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When the tree grows taller than a skyscraper #ThursdayTreeLove 12

When the tree grows taller than a skyscraper #ThursdayTreeLove

Once upon a time the trees used to dwarf the bungalows that dotted this area. Alas today the skyscrapers not only outnumber the trees but also tower over them . But life is all...

The sun is out ? #WordlessWednesday 26

The sun is out ? #WordlessWednesday

After the horrendous deluge of Tuesday that left millions stranded and a city crippled, a tentative sun breaks out through the clouds . Will the city stay dry today? I'm joining Esha who is...


Mumbai skies#SkywatchFriday

This Friday marks the beginning of the 10 day Ganesh Festival.The practice of bringing home a clay Ganesh was begun by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an early freedom fighter in India's struggle for Independence. The...


Getting ready for Ganpati

Bal Gangadhar Tilak started the tradition of bringing home an idol of Lord Ganesh or Ganpati for a ten day festival. The idea was to foster a sense of community and nationalism with skits,...


Cleanliness is next to Godliness #WATWB 6

While peeing and defecating in public doesn’t seem to bother our citizens, talking about waste and waste management in particular is  ‘unseemly’.  Bidding goodbye to propriety and seemliness, our Prime Minister brought this topic...


Do you have an umbrella for a rainy day?#MondayMusings

Sometimes an umbrella is not enough for a rainy day.


In the bathroom one morning

One Saturday morning I stepped into my bath. All lathered up I glanced upon A little cockroach Swiftly scampering past . He seemed quite harmless I thought As it climbed down the wall. Then...


The sun breaks through #SkywatchFriday

With the weak monsoons in Mumbai making a retreat, the sun is once again breaking through the last few grey clouds in the sky. I hope this marks the end of the grey days...

Image for salli per edu 3

Eggs on Crisps & Happy New Year or Navroz Mubarak

  Today is Parsi New Year and Wow Dinga and Little Po are home as their schools are closed for this very special holiday. The Parsis, as we all know are originally from Iran....

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6 C’s of Brilliance – Key to raising a successful child

What is the secret of a child’s brilliance? After a long hiatus of almost a year, the Itinerant Blogger is back on my blog. The past year has seen a lot of changes in...

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