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Little Po

Hello, my name is Po and my granny( Nani) calls me Little Po because I am the littlest of her grandchildren. I am actually only 5 weeks younger than my cousin Ms. Papaya and 3 1/2 years younger than my brother Wow Dinga.  But since I am the littlest, she calls me Little Po.

I live in a house on top of a hill that is between the homes of my two grandmothers . My Dadi lives in a big house at the bottom of the hill and my Nani lives on another hill that is part of the same hill where I live.  This is very important because I spend most of my days between these three houses.

Morning time

Most days when I get up, the rest of the house is asleep. But I like it when I see my mother and we get to spend a few minutes nuzzling before she runs after Wow Dinga who has to get ready for school before  I do.

So it is up to Ash my baby sitter to wipe the sleep from my eyes and give me my breakfast. I actually don’t like milk so I don’t drink any. I don’t even like eggs so I normally just eat some toast and a slice of cheese.

This gives me enough energy to start playing the latest games that my brother has devised. These days we play Avengers but a few months ago it was dinosaurs. Most days, however, I like doing puzzle or playing with my cars.

Somehow or the other Ash manages to change my clothes and I am off to my Playgroup which is on the same hill. Some days my father drops me to school, some days my mother drops me to school and some days Ash drops me to school. But I manage to get to school by 9 am.

In School

We start the day in school with some activities that are meant to “develop fine motor skills” This actually means that we string beads, sort out toys or do some activity that makes us use our little fingers.

Then we do some painting work like stamping with sponge, rolling straws dipped in colour or other fun things. Teacher says this is to help us identify shapes and colours and  ” develop our cognitive skills”. We also have to listen to stories.

The best part of the day is singing songs like my favourite “Wheels of the Bus”. I also like to sing this song whenever I am in the car with my family. Another favourite song is “Macchli Jal ki Rani Hai”.

In between all this activity we have a break for a snack. Some days the school gives us a snack but on some days I take something from home. I love the spicy Khakra and Chakli that Ash fills in my box.

After school

Ash comes to fetch me from school and I go down the hill to my grandma’s house where I have lunch with her and my grandpa and my brother and father. Most days we eat fish. On the days my mother is home, she comes to fetch me from school and we go to my own house where I eat lunch with my brother and my father as well.

At around 1 o’lock I am quite tired so Ash puts me down for a two hour nap.

When I get up around tea time, I am quite fresh to join my brother in the garden where we go down to play till sunset. I generally play on the swing and see saw but love whizzing around on my car that I inherited from Wow Dinga.

We come up just before sunset and are allowed to play in the bathroom while Ash and my mother give us a quick scrub down before dinner.

I am quite tired by then because this is a lot of hard work for a two year old boy. And I am ready to snuggle up to my mother while she reads both of us a bed time story.


A Day in the LIfe of Po

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  1. Loved It!!! Can so imagine little Po with his serious maturity writing this!! He is an old soul indeed! Brought tears to my eyes..

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