The first time I saw you Wow Dinga, Ms Papaya & Po #WritingBravely

My dear Wow Dinga, Papaya and Po,

Today I would like to share some thoughts with you even though none of you can read a word . But I’m writing this while I can still remember what I felt the first time I saw you.

Wow Dinga you are my first grandchild.  I was so excited about becoming a grandmother that I could hardly sleep the night before you were born.

You were born by elective C section and came out in just 10 minutes. Every one said you looked like your Abu but since I had never seen him crumpled and swaddled in green I can only remember that you looked like you.

The first time I saw you my heart just went thump.

I first saw you Ms Papaya when you were all of two months. You  stared at me unblinkingly from your baby carrier as we met for the very first time . You had had a long flight from Korea but you looked fresh as a daisy.

The first time I saw you my heart went thump ,thump.

And you Little Po were the tiniest of all. In a hurry to come out when you were still small. I remember you all  red and crinkly no bigger than the chicken I normally order for my Christmas Roast.

The first time I saw you my heart went thumpity, thumpity, thump

Each one of you evoked in me, a feeling of awe and wonder.

Were you really the babies of my babies?

  • Would I be able to hold you?
  • Will I be able to change your nappies and give you a bath?
  • Will I be able to validate the trust and faith in me ?
  • Will I have the answers to your million questions?
  • Will I have the patience to deal with your tantrums and irrational behaviour?

As these questions crossed my mind I had only one desire to give you one huge big, squeeze, cuddle.

Lots and lots of love forever and ever and ever

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‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6and this is my response to the prompt on

Day 5 (9 Aug/Wed) – Write a letter


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  1. Aww! This is the sweetest and the most cutest letter I have read today. I would love to see pics of Wow Dinga, Ms Papaya & Po. And I am sure there are some amazing stories behind their names. Right?!
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