Eggs on Crisps & Happy New Year or Navroz Mubarak


Today is Parsi New Year and Wow Dinga and Little Po are home as their schools are closed for this very special holiday.

The Parsis, as we all know are originally from Iran.  They landed in Sanjan as a boat load of people wanting to escape persecution, looking for a place where they could peacefully practice their faith.

Luckily they were allowed to settle down in Gujarat and since then they have been an integral part of our diverse Indian family. Despite their shrinking numbers, every Mumbaikar knows at least ONE  Parsi.

I do hope initiatives like Jiyo Parsi  will get  get their numbers up so that we can all enjoy genuine Parsi Bhonu with gems like :

Eggs on Crisps

One of my most delightful introductions to a dish was when Piroja and Darius came to visit . Piroja gave me two small packets of salli from the famous Camy Wafers down the road and told me that she specially wanted to share a great recipe.

Take these crisps and spread them in a non stick pan she said. Then you sprinkle some water and cover the pan so that the crisps become soft. Then add some chopped tomato and kothmir and mix it up with the crisps and again cover for a while. Then just break some eggs and drop them  one by one , cover the pan, lower the heat and let them cook.

Wow! That sounded easy enough .

Salli per Eeda is a popular dish among the local Parsis who love eggs in any form. Eggs can be thus broken over a spicy tomato and onion concoction, or over spiced okra too!

Eggs & Crisps have become a staple in our home too.  This is a great brunch idea  but is perfect for a late night snack too!

This is just one of the many wonderful dishes that comprise Parsi cooking. There are typical restaurants  like Britannia Cafe, Leopold and the RTI’s  where you can savour these delicacies.

But while you are busy finding restaurants, I hope my Parsi friends are busy enjoying this lovely holiday.

Navroze Mubarak to all !

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    Yummy those sound good!

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    OMG so delish.

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