Monthly Archive: September 2017

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A man with a vision #WATWB

Indian trains are a microcosm of our world and even today, especially in the crowded second class compartment of a Mumbai local you can come across beggars and vagrants who try their luck, preying...


Apple picking in the Fall

September marks the beginning of Fall – the time of year when the leaves begin to turn. It is also the time of year when summer crops are harvested. Where I come from ,...


Deer Startled #WordlessWednesday

While walking on the trail this morning I came across these deer who were as speechless as I was . I’m linking up with Esha’s #WordlessWednesday. I’m taking my Alexa Rank to the next...

The Blue Bicycle #FridayReflections 16

The Blue Bicycle #FridayReflections

If inanimate objects could experience emotion, the blue bicycle would have been very happy. After two months of shivering in the garden shed , she finally saw the light of day . Summer had...


A night at the Airport

Disclaimer : This is a major rant so if you don’t want to listen, move on . To do or not to do This week I’ve been busy with getting my trip organised ....

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