5 simple tips for a good night’s sleep!


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It’s easy to sleep like a baby

Goodnight, sleep tight,

Don’t let the bugs bite

This used to be my favourite litany when I put my girl’s to bed. This is what I went to sleep hearing too. And in those days, I really used to sleep the sleep of the dead  with the exception of some extraordinary dreams). However, as a grown up adult, I often found it difficult to sleep and would spend hours tossing and turning in bed.


But, do you want to sleep like a baby? (Sorry to burst your bubble but all babies don’t sleep well).

However, it is important to note that WE need to sleep well for general wellness.

Sometimes we stay awake

  • thinking about the job that needs to be done
  • wondering about the bills that need to be paid
  • getting up from time to time to look after someone who is waking up all night
  • obsessing about the next holiday


There can be a 101 reasons for not sleeping well.

But all is not lost.

After years of tossing and turning, I’ve come up with some simple tips that assure me a good night’s sleep.

Disconnect from the world.

  • Stop watching television at least an hour before going to bed. Particularly 9 o’clock debates that land up being slanging and shouting matches.
  • Don’t read books that stimulate the brain – either thought provoking ones or scary ones that leave your heart beating long after you’ve shut the book.
  • Don’t look at your phone and check on WhatsApp or Messenger or even Mail. Whatever you’ve received can wait till morning.
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Avoid strenuous exercise in the evening

  • While a gentle walk after a day’s work is relaxing, a heavy body building workout is not. As we all know, exercise releases endorphins that keep you awake and energised. Surely you don’t want to be energised while sleeping?
  • On the other hand, sleeping on a full tummy is avoidable. Don’t flop into bed soon after eating. You are bound to get up in the middle of the night with indigestion.
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Make your room comfortable

  • If you are a light sleeper, make sure that your room is dark and well ventilated.
  • Use a light blanket as this keeps you warm and cozy. I also find that this is the best solution to achy feet. Often I find myself waking up because my body aches. A blanket is the best way to feel snug and warm. And of course sleep a pain free sleep.
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Make yourself comfortable

Wear loose, soft clothes that allow free movement and allow your skin to breathe. A warm bath helps relax tired muscles and a gentle foot massage with a body lotion helps too. Silky nightwear may feel sexy but they tend to fall off. And warm woollens are avoidable too. So go for soft cotton that keeps you warm without being suffocatingly hot.

Keep a glass of water and some sugar on hand

  • Sometimes you may get up in the night just because your mouth is dry. Often we get up to the get a glass of water which can definitely break your sleep and leave you awake for a few minutes more till you drift back into the Land of Nod.  So keep a glass of water handy.
  • Similarly, a drop in your sugar level makes you wake up. A simple teaspoon of sugar is all that is required to make you fall back into deep sleep.
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These are my simple tips on how to ensure a good night’s rest!

Easy enough aren’t they?

Do try them and let me know in the comments below. I would also love to hear your special tips on ensuring a good night’s sleep.

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  1. These are some very good tips. I am guilty of watching TV though till the last minute. However, I watch music channels or some comedy shows. I stay away from 9 O’clock debates. The only time I am unable to sleep is if I am working late. The laptop keeps me awake and the mind is alert when I hop onto the bed. Then it takes me some time to wind down and sleep.
    Lata Sunil recently posted…Book Blitz : Avishi by Saiswaroopa IyerMy Profile

  2. Switching off the wifi was the thing I resorted to get a goodnight’s sleep when I realised that I was waking up in the middle of the night and after checking the time on the phone, I used to begin Internet surfing. I am guilty of reading on most nights before sleeping and I have found out sometimes it does go beyond the said sleeping time.
    All the best for #MyFriendAlexa.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…How to make an introvert child more friendly? #MMMMy Profile

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