A night at the Airport

Disclaimer : This is a major rant so if you don’t want to listen, move on .

To do or not to do

This week I’ve been busy with getting my trip organised . Sadly the heavy rains put paid to my travel plans and after a four hour wait at the airport I returned home.

Now I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Logic told me that the flight that was diverted would eventually land in Mumbai and would not go back empty. So if I wait, I’d board the plane.

But the airline staff categorically said that the flight was cancelled and I’d have to re-book.

Now Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport with all its grandeur is not equipped to handle anything out of the ordinary. Since it is a silent airport there are no announcements made the way they are at a Railway Station. And since all unattended baggage is picked up and destroyed, I couldn’t lug my bags to the airline office and re-book.

( Incidentally, Jetairways doesn’t have a city office anymore ! )

And worse still with connectivity being dicey, I couldn’t make a booking on the net either . I was also finding it difficult to make any local calls.

With the Airport shut down, people milling around , food getting scarce and facilities slowly getting over used, I took a quick decision of coming home

But now I wonder if I did the right thing.

What would you have done ? Do let me know .


Life teaches us lessons and everything in our lives happens for a reason. September is not really a monsoon month .

Why did it rain so crazily only the night I was scheduled to leave?

Why did I not leave the night I was meant to leave ?

What is the lesson in this ?

As always, the answer will come .

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Author: Unishta

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  1. I can relate to your story as I also had been gone through similar experience, but not at airport but in railway station. The train was delayed by almost 8 hours and was to start at 4 am. We stayed in the station as it would be difficult to again go back home and come back late night to the station.

    1. That’s really the toughest decision to take – stay or go home . But I think if you just HAVE to travel it’s best to stay on till you get the next way there . Thanks for stopping by

  2. As they say whatever happens is for a reason. I am certain this too was for your good. I know this sounds difficult to digest especially when you were all set to leave but the truth is what it is. Hope you hsce rebooked and set to go

  3. I would have gone home too. Experience tells me it only gets chaotic and people become angrier. Better wait out in the comforts of home and book online for some other day. Unless it’s an emergency situation.
    Things happen but it’s ok.
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…My Monday Workout PlanMy Profile

    1. Thanks I needed to hear this! My mom gave me grief for coming home. She thought I should have braved it . As you said it wasn’t a matter of life and death so I preferred coming home rather than stay in a crazy situation

  4. When I landed back in Mumbai in August, I was stuck in the earlier torrential rain. I was in panic as there were no cabs and the ones which were there were charging 200% and above. But, thankfully my brother was with me. He said that we will brave it out in the airport rather than going out and being stranded. That’s when the elder sister in me got back her logic. I told him to stand in the taxi queue. And we got a cab in one hour. We reached home in another two. But, being practical is the best thing to do. I guess as you mentioned, it could wait another day, good you went back home.
    Lata Sunil recently posted…The Age of Kali by Falguni KothariMy Profile

  5. Happened with me once with jet airways. The flight was delayed and I missed the connecting flight. I was stranded in Delhi airport at night. Their customer service is the worst. But they arranged a stay at a hotel and also booked tickets for the first flight next day.

    1. Mine was a Jet horror story too! And I couldn’t agree with you more . Their customer service kept sending messages ( if at all they did) to my husband who was 10,000 miles away!!!!

  6. Oh this is so frustrating but trust me you did the right thing. I have waded out time at the airport in such a situation and cursed myself for it as I had to endure 5 hours of wait, to hear no flights at all today! Repeated the process the next day; and it was a friggin 8 am flight so I was at the airport at 6 am having gotten up at 430 am!!!
    SHALINI BAISIWALA recently posted…Monsoon Extravaganza – Visapur Fort Trek [ #Guestpost ]My Profile

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