Saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha #MyFriendAlexa

Today it is 10 days since we welcomed the elephant headed God Lord Ganesh into our homes. The tradition of a community Ganesh celebration began 125 years ago when Bal Gangadhar Tilak began this practice to enable people to get together and spread the message of freedom from colonial rule.

Today Keshavji Naik Chawl where the  Community Ganpati was first celebrated still keeps a low key celebration . This year though,  the crowd went crazy with the visit of Sachin Tendulkar the Master Blaster who remains a Mumbaikar despite his International celebrity.

Image for GanpatiMy own Ganpati celebration is a quiet, family affair where we bring out our idol from the cupboard and install him in pride of place. We worship him for a day and a half with aarti sung in  faith and fervour and modak eaten with even greater passion. Then we immerse him in a bucket of water to diffuse the energy that is awakened in the idol by the worship and then keep him away till the next year.

The sadness of saying goodbye

Even though we know He is coming back next year, there is a tinge of sadness in the air as Lord Ganesh goes back to his Kingdom.

Today the bigger idols are going to be immersed amidst song, dance and a lot of noise. Soon after lunch the smaller idols that are largely family owned will make their way to the sea and by tea time the bigger ones start their parade down the streets of Mumbai.

The largest one known as  Lalbaug cha Raja steps into the water only in the early hours of  tomorrow morning ! Millions of people visit this Ganpati, often spending hours in the queue with some devotees coming from out of town for His blessings.

This year despite the heavy downpour ( which meant that 2 days were a washout) there were over 5,14,00,000  devotees who have visited him.

So today to wish Him goodbye and to make the parting more sweet, I ordered myself a special icecream made only for these 10 days from Havmor , the icecream maker from Ahmedabad.

Image for Aaji's Modak

This divine concoction is truly worth waiting for the whole year. It is actually a coconut icecream with saffron and pistachio slivers encased in a white chocolate cover and served on a bed of whipped fresh cream with more pistachio and coconut shavings.

Now isn’t that a sweet way to wish a beloved God goodbye?

Image for BellyBytes

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19 Responses

  1. RT says:

    Wow – that Havmor special ice cream looks delish. What a beautiful sentiment you have captured. The sadness of saying goodbye to our Beloved Bappa.

  2. Ice cream for Ganesh Chathurthi!!!!. You made this festival extra special. As like your family members, I hope Ganesha would have been also enjoyed to the core. That’s really a cute way to say goodbye.

  3. How lovely! I follow almost a similar tradition with the metal Ganesha idol and it feels so wonderful always. I loved the special treat from Havmor a lot, would love to order it too ❤️

  4. Ramya Rao says:

    The special ice cream looks divine! Like we always say Agle saal jaldi aa. So Loud Ganesha will be back soon. ?
    I hope you had an amazing time. ?

  5. Manisha Garg says:

    Bidding adieu to Gannu Bappa is painful for me too. I eagerly await the festival every year. I did not know about the Havmour treat will keep in mind 🙂

  6. If i had it my way i would never say good bye to lord ganesha! Its one of my favorite festivals and it fills my heart with joy when we welcome ganesh ji to our home. Its like i do not want to send him away! Lovely post indeed and the Ice cream bhog was a unique as it sounds!

  7. Ruchi Verma says:

    I miss Bappa ..but I know he is always here with me

  8. Meenakshi J says:

    Our Golu maharaj would hv surely devoured the ice-cream.Such is the charm of Ganapathi! We celebrate the festival with fervour back in Hyderabad but Delhi is too isolated from such celebrations…argh!! Nostalgic

  9. Disha says:

    Each year I get upset before Visarjan ceremony. Thought of saying goodbye to Ganpati hits me hard! 🙁
    This treat looks yummy though. Next year I might as well enjoy goodbyes with icecream.
    Disha recently posted…Things to do in Dehradun! #MyFriendAlexaMy Profile

  10. Ah I wish I knew of this icecream from havmor. Now I want some coconut and pista icecream, pronto! 🙂 pudchavarshi loukar ya.

  11. Indeed, a sweet way to say goodbye to the Lord. Hope you enjoying the festivities…I know 2017 post and already Bappa is back.

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