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As I whizz past my haze enveloped city on the Eastern Freeway , I can’t help thinking about the thoughts that were mulling around my head during the Diwali buzz.

Thank God for less noise

The first thought that struck me was the virtual noiseless Diwali. Yes there were a few but by and large the noise actually stopped after midnight. Surprisingly even the fireworks were subdued. This is just as well because no sooner did the rains bid farewell than the haze came down! I can just see myself coughing the rest of the year away.

How quiet and smoke free was your Diwali?

How genuine are WhatsApp Diwali greetings?

Once upon a time people sent each other Diwali greetings that were hand made Then came the commercial ones that saved one the angst of coming up with something unique and creative. Then some philanthropist came up with the idea of cards supporting charities. That made spending money on a card more meaningful.Then of course came the greetings via smartphones.I’m sure lots of you have received over a hundred Diwali greetings on your very smart phones. At least I have And some of them I’ve received many times over – different senders, same message.Which makes me wonder how genuine are the wishes! On the other hand, a message even if it is a mass mailing shows that you are thought of isn’t it ?

What is your take on WhatsApp greetings?

What made the skeletons in Harry Weinstein’s dark and dirty closet come out just now?

After three decades of philandering, groping and sexually abusing hundreds of women, why did it all just come to light now? And talking about this I came up with some very strange insights –

  • There is a generational difference in what constitutes sexual abuse
  • Quite a few people felt that the women actually benefited from the Dirty Harry connection and it was rather unfair to bring it up now. You can read more about this here.

What is your stand on #MeToo?

Gender issues

Over the weekend I had to meet a potential tenant. For the first time the lessee was going to be the woman who was obviously the more stable bread winner. She had a regular job while he was a freelancer. So in other words he was going to be a house husband. Now I have no issues with that . What surprised me that whenever the lessee was the Man of the House , I never met the housewife unless they invited me to tea. But this time the house husband ( who actually identified the property) was present at the discussions and was an active participant in the discussion. This made me wonder

  • Are househusbands smarter than housewives?
  • Do men really wear the pants?

What bras do women in South Mumbai wear?

After indulging my sweet tooth over Diwali,I’m literally bursting at the seams. All of yesterday I was surfing the net looking for a suitable bra when I discovered that most on-line brands don’t have a presence in Mumbai at all. According to my google search, the top 10 Bras in India aren’t sold in any of the few South Bombay stores that sell bras. You may find them in Ghatkopar or Mulund.So this can only mean

  • SoBo women buy bras online
  • SoBo women by bras from M&S ( and such brands that are sold in Malls)
  • or when they travel abroad
  • They don’t buy online brands

What do you think they do?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these thoughts that kept plaguing me during my Diwali.

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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. My Diwali was almost less noisy too since we had designated time 6-9 pm and area for bursting crackers in the apartment complex and my flat is at a distance from that area. I remember when I used to stay in Delhi, I had atleast one neighbour, both before and marriage, who would be the noisiest in the neighbourhood bursting crackers and bombs late until midnight and we could not sleep because of it. Regarding Harvey Weinstein, I read the news and the subsequent #Metoos on FB. We all know this was not new news. We all have been there in some ways. For bras, I buy them online.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Book Review #7: I’d like to be a FiremanMy Profile

  2. I remember those days when i myself used to decorate hand written cards for Diwali and send them to cousins and aunts. Those days were in all ways better than the amount of greetings you keep receiving in your cellphones. It is more annoying than feeling good. Diwali was always connected with sounds of crackers as early as 4 am for us. For people who had breathing issues it was difficult times during this festival. Now i suppose sounds of course have reduced immensely in comparison to the past few decades. With regards to abuse I guess educating girl children is important now more than before. Unless we teach kids to stand up for themselves and their rights I guess these abusers will keep having their way. It is time to bring about a change by making kids aware that there is no such desire to succeed in life while you accept abuses coming your way in any form.
    Regarding bras i prefer going to the malls and getting a trial before i buy expensive ones. if you know your brand then online is good.

  3. Fortunate that your Diwali was relatively noiseless. We had some enthu people going on at about 2 am too!
    Your thought about Bras cracked me up…. maybe they wear brands not in the top 10? and honestly, what are the ten brands?

    1. I always have issues buying bras . The top 10 brands are supposedly Enamor, Clovia, Da intimidate, B’wirch , amante , zivame triumph,pretty secrets , inner sense and jockey

  4. On Mondays, my mind also wanders the labyrinth of my own special “no man’s land”.
    Today it was wandering through the haze around my princely town. Then it took a sudden u turn and was reflecting about the tuition classes and their schedules (my son is in 10th, so that must be an obvious thought). It touched base on the green – grocery list to be made and of course about the #WriteBravely challenge coming to an end…just 3 more posts to go. How fast the time flies by and so does the mind!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

    1. Oh yes the mind does wander and the strangest thoughts find their way. But that’s the joy of life …. isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts

  5. *My Diwali was almost less noisy since I Quit bursting crackers, it its been 6 years now.
    *About Harvey Weinstein, I am not sure if women go profited by the scandal but being a victim of child abuse i strongly feel that we need to speak aloud about such issues
    * Ah! Whats app greetings…! I have a set of friend who couple of friends (Like a group of friends) individually during diwali apart from that all i receive are broadcast messages on whats app! The doubt if they are genuine though!
    *Haha some of the househusband’s are indeed smarter than Housewife’s! I have seen one. And yeah i guess men wear pants 😛 May be not all the time but most of the time 😀
    * Not sure about woman in mumbai but I buy them online. (

    I am nominating you for “The Mystery Blogger Award” under the category of “Life”. Check out the below link for additional details. It was a pleasure to get to know you during MFA campaign!

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