Remains of the curry#FridayReflections

Sandokan stirred from his mid morning nap. Princess purred beside him. Stretching out lazily, they began their usual routine of getting ready like the others on Makete Street. As doors banged shut while people left for work, they could hear pressure cookers whistling down the road. Slowly, engines revved up down the street  as people kick- started their scooters to life.

It was a normal Monday morning . Soon the two kitties would get their breakfast parcel flung at them. Every morning Mrs.Keni would fling out the leftovers from her kitchen and the two cats waited below with bated breath  for the window to be flung openMondays were special because the Keni kitchen waste would have bones from last night’s curry. Yesterday they could smell the intoxicating smell of fish curry as it bubbled away and thought they would get it for lunch. But they didn’t.

All night long Sandokan actually dreamt of the remains of the fish curry. Curried bones taste even better when they’re a day old he told himself as he turned back and licked himself. Suddenly the window was flung open and the parcel came flying out. Sandokan crouched, waiting for the parcel to drop.

He was distracted with a “Caw, caw” and a flutter of wings.

Irritated, Sandokan looked up,  and saw a pesky, black crow swoop down and take the parcel away.


Very often in life things are grabbed from us right from under our very noses. Has it ever happened to you? 

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