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I have been doing Yoga for almost 40 years now but wait, don’t get impressed – My  practice has been erratic. It’s been off and on and more off than on. In my most recent off phase, I was actually thinking of throwing away my Yoga mat, my Yoga belt and even my Yoga pants which were threatening not to fit any more. But then by chance one of my school friends who also does this exercise,  shared this inspiring video of a 98 year old granny doing Yoga.


What I admired about Nanammal  is that she is an ordinary Indian – not one of those hoity toities in their designer gear and yoga studio/workshop. She does her practice in a regular sari and her students are both adults and children. I was astonished that there are so many Indians who are practicing this ancient art. And that yoga is more a part of their lives than it is mine!

All this immediately made me feel ashamed of myself and I took out my mat and began breathing!

Yoga is truly an exercise program that is ageless and meant for all ages.  I hope this video inspires you too to shake out your mat and stretch!

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  1. I have seen the video of that granny doing the Halasana pose, and boy, I was blown away!
    I enjoy my Yoga sessions, but I too have been erratic in my practice since Diwali. Now that Diwali is over and gone, I am going to get my mat out and begin doing it regularly. Thanks for this inspiring video and post, Sunita!
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