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Water in a Bubble #FlavoursomeTuesdays

On Monday I was struck with a severe case of Brain Freeze. Hence, on Tuesday I just couldn’t bring myself to host #Flavoursome Tuesday. Luckily my co host Shilpa stepped in and shared some...


Open Air Hair Saloon #WordlessWednesday

The village barber is even found in a city like Mumbaj


Brain Freeze & Smells #MondayMusings

Brain freeze. Can it happen? Yes , it can. Even though temperatures in Mumbai are far from cold , my brain is actually freezing . What I’m suffering from is a brain freeze or...


Giving hope to scarred lives #WATWB

A brave young girl brings hope to scarred lives

Image for when I became a pumpkin 8

When the pumpkin was locked out

It’s pumpkin time With Halloween and Thanksgiving just over, it’s been pumpkin time the past few weeks . Last night , it was my turn to become the pumpkin. In the fairy tale which...


If we were having coffee #FridayReflections

Chances are I’d be having a really quick cup of coffee with you simply because I’m being rushed off my feet . If we were having coffee I’d pour my heart out and tell...

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Sunset at Haji Ali #SkywatchFriday

Last evening I was off to a wedding reception at BKC or Bandra Kurla Complex, a swanky address for multi nationals and corporates that have shifted out of Ballard Estate, Fort and Nariman Point,...

Falling leaves #ThursdayTreeLove 2

Falling leaves #ThursdayTreeLove

Fall is not really a season we experience in my part of the world . The trees seem to shed leaves almost all year round. So I was surprised when I saw this tree...


Open mouthed #WordlessWednesday

How often do you see an open mouthed truck looking decidedly embarrassed?


Boiled Eggs and Beer #FlavoursomeTuesdays

I don’t know if this is peculiar to Mumbai but once upon a time , a boiled egg seller outside a beer bar was common sight in Mumbai. But this sight has become rare...

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