Month: November 2017

Mumbai Diary

Water in a Bubble #FlavoursomeTuesdays

On Monday I was struck with a severe case of Brain Freeze. Hence, on Tuesday I just couldn’t bring myself to host #Flavoursome Tuesday. Luckily my co host Shilpa stepped in and shared some delightful little gems of good health. These recipes are sure to help you in your quest to shed pounds and get …


Open Air Hair Saloon #WordlessWednesday

The village barber is even found in a city like Mumbaj


Brain Freeze & Smells #MondayMusings

Brain freeze. Can it happen? Yes , it can. Even though temperatures in Mumbai are far from cold , my brain is actually freezing . What I’m suffering from is a brain freeze or another term for writer’s block. It actually all began this morning when I returned home from my walk down a pleasant, …


Giving hope to scarred lives #WATWB

A brave young girl brings hope to scarred lives

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

When the pumpkin was locked out

Image for when I became a pumpkin

It’s pumpkin time With Halloween and Thanksgiving just over, it’s been pumpkin time the past few weeks . Last night , it was my turn to become the pumpkin. In the fairy tale which is now considered perverse or subversive or whatever , Cinderella has to return home by midnight lest she reveals her true …


If we were having coffee #FridayReflections

Chances are I’d be having a really quick cup of coffee with you simply because I’m being rushed off my feet . If we were having coffee I’d pour my heart out and tell you how the hot and cold water taps in our bathroom clogged up. I’d tell you how the plumber checked it …