Giving hope to scarred lives #WATWB

I don’t always read the newspaper but when I do, I try to look for the good news first. When I read about Ria Sharma , I was attracted by her pretty face. I was even more fascinated by her story and just had to share it with the rest of the world .

Ria Sharma is a one time fashion student who was struck by the emptiness of her field and chose to make films instead. And the first film that she made changed her life for ever .

It also changed the lives of many victims whose own lives had changed forever. Make Love Not Scars is a Delhi based organisation set up by the then 23 year old girl with the intention of rehabilitating women whose lives were scarred by acid attacks.

Can you imagine walking down a street or a staircase and find yourself doused with liquid that is soon eating up your face? How painful and agonising must that be !

Often targeted by spurned lovers or disapproving elders, many a young girl has had acid thrown on her face.

This cruel ‘punishment ‘ not only results in disfigurement and sometimes disability , it severely scars the person emotionally as well.

Make Love Not Scars helps in getting back some semblance of normalcy in a life scarred by acid.

I think Ria is courageous to tackle a problem that is inherently societal.

Addressing social ills in our country is an uphill battle and if you are a young crusader, it is even more difficult. But Ria has proved that she is made of sterner stuff and I salute this brave girl.

You can read more about her story here

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Don’t we need more Rias in this world to help make it a better place ?

I’m participating in We are the World Blogfest where bloggers share positive acts of humanity in life, in the news, or social media on the last FRIDAY of each month.

Thanks to the cohosts for this month

Shilpa Garg, Inderpreet Uppal, Sylvia Stein, Susan Scott, Andrea Michaels and Damyanti Biswas .

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17 Responses

  1. Akshata says:

    Indeed a brave woman we need more like her. Thinking of the women whose lives changed in a few seconds makes me shudder
    Akshata recently posted…Do you believe in ghosts? #FridayFotoFictionMy Profile

  2. Holly says:

    Acid attacks are such a horrific crime. I hope that Ria has men speaking out against it, too. Until men and women are united in their outrage, it’s an uphill battle indeed.

  3. Damyanti says:

    This is a wonderful organization: while there are monsters who attack with acid, there are those that help heal the scars.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Sunita.
    Damyanti recently posted…Have you Thought about Art Made Accessible to those with Disabilities? #WATWBMy Profile

  4. Humans are capable of unbelievable cruelty…
    Ria is such a brave woman.
    I applaud her efforts which will hopefully spread, and give others, who are in a similar position, the courage to help address and tackle this social ill.
    Thank you for sharing this story. 🙂

  5. Acid attacks are such an inhuman behavior. And Kudos to Ria for staying strong and helping other victims. More power to her. Happy to join you for #WATWB.
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…Spreading Smiles Across The Country – #WATWBMy Profile

  6. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Ria is the kind of heroes we need in our world to fight crime and spread love and hope to the victims of that crime. Acid attacks can rob the victim of the will to live. Surviving the attack and living with the scars can be hell for those victims. It’s because of people like Ria that they can hope to dream for a better future for themselves.
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Books and I – A Book Lover’s Tag.My Profile

  7. susan says:

    This is both terrible and inspiring BellyBytes thank you. Ria is an extraordinary woman to take this on – all kudos to her. Thank you for sharing this …

  8. Simon Falk says:

    I applaud Ria and others who wish to help heal those affected by these acids attacks. Thanks for sharing.
    Simon Falk recently posted…#WATWB November Serving after ServiceMy Profile

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