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Yesterday my computer was down and I missed my #FlavoursomeTuesdays post . But before it gets to next Tuesday I’d like to post this memory of my lunch box that sparked my quest for the perfect Prawn Pullao.

The lunch box is an important part of every child’s life and mine was particularly so. This is because my mom really gave me the yummiest food. Of course every mother makes the yummiest food, but I actually had to take TWO lunch boxes to school. One was for me and the other was for my friends. Especially on days when the food was yummy like the every other Monday my brother and I had prawn pullao.

For many years I actually had lunch at school but in the last year of school, I preferred carrying it with me and eating at my desk. This was because the last year was very busy with extra work which often carried on to the lunch break. So my mom, who taught in another school had to get up even before the crack of dawn and get our lunches organised. This was because her own school began at 7 am.

But my mom had a formula for lunch which was quite practical and simple really – packing up the left overs from dinner. On days that there weren’t any, a quick sandwich, fruit and some cut cucumbers and carrots would do. Those were of course rare…..

The Monday Morning Lunch Box

Monday lunches were almost always great because Sunday dinners were fantastic. And there was once a time when we had Biryani one weekend and Prawn curry the next. That’s when Prawn Curry was upcycled as Prawn Pullao in the Monday Morning Lunch Box.

This was so popular that even on days we had no curry, my mom would cook up the prawn pullao as it cooked really fast.

When we graduated from school, the lunch boxes automatically stopped and the prawn pullao was forgotten till one Sunday we remembered how simply yummy the Prawn Pullao was. We pestered our mother to hunt out the recipe in one of her numerous diaries that doubled up as cook books. Sadly, this was one recipe she hadn’t scribbled down and the recipe remains lost till today.

In search of the recipe

That was the beginning of a new game in our lives – trying out different combinations of prawn, spice and rice to get that perfect prawn pullao. A flavoursome rice where the prawns were just tender, the spices just right and the taste still unforgettable.

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And as the fragrance of prawn simmering in the pot assailed my senses, I wondered if I’ve finally got the taste of the unforgettable prawn pullao.

I’ll have to write this recipe down and share it with my brother to see if it measures up to the original.

Do you have a food memory that makes you want to try a hundred recipes just to re-create the original? 

Would love to hear from you . Do join Shilpa and me on #FlavoursomeTuesdays with your droolworthy memories of food.

Till next Tuesday!

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