Open Air Hair Saloon #WordlessWednesday

Despite the many air conditioned hair salons there are several who enjoy the fresh air like this red haired gentleman getting a clean shave.

Incidentally, did you know that many an Indian man doesn’t shave himself, preferring to get it done by the village barber ?

It was no wonder then that the village barber also doubled up as a matchmaker. Yes, this was one of his side businesses- scoping out potential grooms and brides as he went from home to home cutting hair and collecting information.

And it is not surprising either that despite its modernity, Mumbai still has a village barber !

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Author: Unishta

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  1. I think that’s a nice way for people to stay connected. Who doesn’t enjoy having their hair done, or getting a professional shave now and then, even if they’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves? (OK, I’m SO not capable of cutting my own hair, but even if I were, I think I’d still enjoy going to the salon once in a while.) That’s hilarious that the barber doubles as a matchmaker – and why not? He probably gets great intel and knows all the most compatible people (wouldn’t this make a great springboard for a short story? Like, he could make a couple happy or miserable, depending on how well they tip and what he knows about them all… 🙂 )
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    1. Yes Holly, in villages marriages are often made by the village barber who really knows the inner details of most people who literally let their hair down when getting their hair cut . And I agree with you about the beauty Parlor . I love going there to relax with a nice pedicure, foot massage and a cup of green tea thrown in for good measure

  2. Loved your post, Sunita. That’s a great capture. Seen them everywhere and do agree with you on this typical preference for a barber to go for a shave. I remember seeing this for the first time when I came to Calcutta right after school and wondering why the men were so lazy that they couldn’t shave on their own. The other thing that used to baffle me was watching men discussing politics almost non-stop, (if I may say so!) at the ‘chai ka galla’, smoking and having their endless cuppas right there, by the roadside, but never at home!!!

  3. Until 7-8 years back a barber used to come to our home (In our native of course). My dad, grand pa, mama ji, kaka ji…every male in the family to be exact used to get their hair cut and beard shaved by him!

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