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The Sassoon Dog and the Dock Art Project

Dogs peeing on the road are a common sight. So I wasn’t in the least surprised to see a larger than life wire installation of the Sassoon Dog lifting up his leg and peeing on the wall. That sure brought a smile to my face. The only one actually in a show that frankly left me bemused and disappointed.

Image for sailing boats at Sassoon Dock

Growing up, Sassoon Dock was an important part of my life. I passed it twice a day on my way to and from school . Even though it wasn’t a long stretch of road , I would hold my breath for a good two minutes as the bus rattled past .

Sassoon Dock was one of places where fishing boats brought their catch and the area around was full of little process houses where the catch was cleaned , processed and despatched to different parts of the world.

Of late there have been attempts at gentrifying the place and rumours of rejuvenating the dock to create a vibrant waterfront like the Piers of San Francisco!

Image for gate at Sassoon Dock

So when Daughter No.1 alerted me about the Sasoon Dock Art show all the way from New Jersey, I had to check it out for myself. Since it was a Sunday Hubby Dear and I set out pretty late in the morning . Actually it was noon when we reached Sasoon Dock.

The sun was high up in the sky and the smell of fish was still very strong. It still looked very much like a fishing dock, filled with fishy activity. And when the signage to the show suddenly stopped, I wondered if we had come to the right place.

Image for shrine at Sassoon Dock

Across from the art show venue was a small shrine under the banyan tree.

Image for street barber at Sassoon Dock

Having no idea where the Valet was going to park the car, we parked a little while away right next to a open air barber shop. At least here we were sure of finding it when we returned.

Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project

We were tagged before we entered, having given our names to the organisers at the desk.

Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project

We entered a large hall with a warm light filtering through the high ceilinged room that had patches of ochre visible through the interesting installation of words of Hanif Kureshi evoking smells and sights superimposed on a fishing net ?

But by this time I had lost sight of Hubby Dear who was looking for his own favourite pee spot and entered the next hall which looked surprisingly like Mumbai’s messy buildings with washing hanging in your face Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project

I walked through this messy installation and came into a courtyard Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project

That continued the theme that was so aptly captured by another peeing dog . This time it was a life sized Sassoon Dog who lifted his leg up to the words :

To piss| to make a mess of :

“It’s all around us

That which we learn to un-see”


Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project I was more bewildered by the next room which had bottles and stuff hanging in my face .

This was truly an Art for All event and the place was full of people one would never see at an art show . No perfumed ladies or fashionable gents but literally ordinary, everyday people who were as fascinated by the art as I was . Sadly, by this time I was completely disoriented and was more worried about losing Hubby Dear than appreciating the art .

Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project I made my way through the hanging bottles only to find myself confronting a mirror! The other visitors who were equally startled, laughed in embarrassment and I retraced my steps to the entrance way.

Once outside, much like Alice, I found an arrow on the floor directing me to yet another room that said it was the last fisherman in Bombay

Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project Again in a room shrouded in darkness , I couldn’t understand what to make of the installations beautiful as they were. This art show was way too cerebral for me and went completely over my head. May be an art tour is essential to truly appreciate this show.

Image for Sassoon Dock Art Project The photograph room was interesting but with so much empty wall space that I felt there were exhibits still to be put up . Were they?

All in all, this was extremely disappointing showing . It is billed as 30 International artists for 50 days and promises to have Singapore Weekend (17-19 November )and a French Weekend ( 25-26 November) with curated art tours, films and workshops.

There are music concerts scheduled and a Koli festival from mid December. Find out more about it here.

Perhaps it will be a fun event after all

But for me, this was a rather damp squib.

Image of Bellybytes

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    1. Thanks Natasha. Actually coming home and looking at the pictures made me realise that perhaps the show was trying to emphasise that Bombay is only reduced to rubbish.

  1. Like you now even i am fascinated by that peeing dog sculpture. I wonder what they would be displaying in those special weekends. The other artworks don’t look very impressive. I love the touch of humor in your narration.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the blog. I was frankly quite disappointed and have now mulled over the thought about what could possibly have been the motive of the artists. I realised that it is to portray that all of Mumbai is only rubbish!

  2. Awww, that’s bad! But, I agree. At times, some of the artwork does go over our head. Last week I had been to Jehangir Art gallery and many of the pieces there had me puzzled, like a giant grasshopper in the middle of a busy Mumbai road on one of the paintings on display had me wondering for quite some time the meaning behind it all, and who would put that up on their wall!
    I did like the peeing dog at that Sassoon art show, though. That was quite interesting!

    Er, where did you manage to find your hubby dear finally? ;P
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…The Bucket List.My Profile

  3. I think this is a wonderful project that supports art. And it really is something that refreshes th atmostphere in the place.

    This type of art is pretty cool and I´wish I could be there.

    Thanks for the post and for lettin

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