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10 Great Options for Indian Vegetarians travelling to Dubai #Guest Post

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With the month long Dubai Shopping Festival slated to start after Christmas, (December 26, 2017 – January 27, 2018) many Indians will be making their way to this great shopping destination. But if you are a vegetarian like Hubby Dear, it will be hard to decide which place to eat in. Last year, particularly we had a disastrous start to our brief holiday ( albeit after the festival) when he was served CHICKEN in a pasta that he had distinctly asked to be made vegetarian. 

Now many hotels in Dubai are manned by Indians who know what vegetarianism is all about, but yet there was this goof up. So I asked Neha, a Dubai based blogger to share her insights on vegetarian options for travellers to Dubai. 

Over to you Neha : 

Top 10 Vegetarian restaurants in Dubai

Dubai, one of the world’s biggest entertainment destinations welcomes tourists from all walks of life and parts of globe. The best part about this magnificent destination is the warmth with which it welcomes all its guests.Dubai is known worldwide for its hospitality and impeccable cuisine.

Dubai being an Arab country, serves lip-smacking non-vegetarian food but that doesn’t mean vegetarians are short on options. There are amazing top vegetarian restaurants in Dubai that’ll leave you wanting for more. Read on for the best compiled list of Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Maharaja Bhog, Hamsa Mall

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Firmly believing in the traditional Indian concept of “AtithiDevoBhava” which means Guest is equal to God; this vegetarian restaurant treats you like a royalty. After making you sit comfortably, they place traditional thalis (huge dining plates) and serve you with over 30 Gujarati and Marwari delicacies which includes rice, Indian breads, sweets, vegetables, dips and in the end to digest it all, they provide you with sweet rolled betel leaves. You go there once; you would want to go again and again. Guess what, they don’t just serve you at their restaurants, you can also have their meal box packed while you are travelling.

RasoiGhar, Al Karama


If you are looking for some Lip Smacking Indian vegetarian recipes to satiate your hunger then you are in for a treat at RasoiGhar. Located at Al Karama, this restaurant serves you traditional Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes which are both rich in texture and taste. Prepared traditionally with the finest ingredients, the chefs ensure that the food tastes fresh and delicious. The royal treatment that you receive here makes you feel more special than ever.

Gazebo Restaurant, Mankhool

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Located in Al Mankhool, this restaurant serves authentic vegetarian dishes made to perfection. At Gazebo’s there is something for everyone. Gazebo is considered to be one of the finest restaurants serving Indian cuisine. There areso many restaurants that serve Indian vegetarian delicacies with an amazing experience such as dinner at Dhow cruise Marina, camps in the desert, but it is popularly said that getting a veg biryani better than Gazebo is next to impossible in all of Dubai. Apart from other varieties, it specializes in different types of Biryanis including the mouth-watering veg dum biryani.

MTR Restaurant, Bank Street

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A common name in South India, MTR serves authentic South Indian cuisine. Be it Masala Dosa or different types of Idlis, everything is served hot and fresh. Also, beverages are served in silver tumblers that look pretty amazing. Originally launched in the year 1924 in Bengaluru, the quality is one thing which is never compromised here. A winner of the prestigious Times food awards, multiple times, MTR Restaurant is still going strong on its quality service.

Spice Klub, Kuwait Street

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Amazing food quality meets awesome presentation in this restaurant. Serving authentic Indian cuisine, Spice Klub is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. This restaurant has 2 course and 3 course meal, Lunch combos, and Group Dinner package apart from A-la-Carte menu items.  With impressive food optionsfor both for dining and drinking, this vegetarian restaurant will wow you with their service and food quality. The PavBhaji especially is a star attraction here.

SaravanaBhavan, Bur Dubai

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If you are looking something Indian and that too South Indian specifically, then SaravanaBhavan is the choice to make.  With experience of serving quality food for more than 30 years, this restaurant is the go-to place when it comes to Indian vegetarian food. If you like food that tingles your taste buds then you are in for a treat at this restaurant. Their no fuss food served in steel plates with the canteen type ambience takes you for a cultural ride. They also serve delicious North-Indian food and traditional sweets to die for.

Rajdhani, Al Karama

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With over 25 dishes to eat, Rajdhani is known for the quality of food and its taste. A common name in India, Rajdhani is known for treating its customers like a royal. They provide you everything from delicacies that taste sweet to tangy tingling your taste buds. Waiters here don’t talk to call for fillers, rather use sign language to ensure the environment is calm and quiet. So the next time you ask for rice, or rotis or some curry, be sure to watch the waiter, he will do some signs and the other waiter will bring the said stuff without any confusion.

Govinda’s Al Karama

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Dubai’s only Satvic restaurant that prides itself in refraining to use garlic and onions in their cooking has an eclectic menu. With a wide range of Indian specialities on their menu, they also serve Chinese and Italian dishes. This includes, low calorie, high protein, gluten free, diet conscious food that is prepared with high quality and pure ingredients. This ensures that the taste is not lost and you get delicious and healthy food with every bite.

Rangoli Vegetarian Restaurant, Meena Bazaar

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Serving lip smacking Gujarati dishes with a wide variety that is a great value for money. Be it their chaat items, or the south Indian dishes they serve, all exude quality and taste. The tried and tested recipes by their chefs are made to perfection. With over 40 years of experience in serving quality food, Rangoli was established in 1992 in Dubai. From poppadums to yellow dals, to chapattis all are tasty to the core. This is a must place to be if you are in Bur Dubai.

Bombay Times, Meena Bazaar

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A humble setup, this small restaurant speaks huge in terms of food quality and lip smacking taste of Indian snacks. Be it Bombay Special PavBhaji or Sandwiches everything tastes authentic and visitors love the food here. Especially, if you are fond of street food, then this is the place to be. Here you can enjoy the best combination – Tea, VadaPav, and your loved ones.



Although set in the Arabian culture of the Middle East, Dubai has a huge Asian population and that is why finding a vegetarian restaurant is not a problem in Dubai. Infact the city prides itself with the best found world vegetarian delicacies. So wait no more, enjoy the best vegetarian food in Dubai all through the year.


I do hope this brief round up of Veggie Restaurants will leave your palates satiated whilst you wander around the shopper’s paradise.

A word about Neha

I am Neha Singh, a full-time travel blogger by profession. As a Mass Comm post graduate, I have a naturally artistic take on everything about life. This is quite evident in my writings as well. An avid trekker, explorer and a true foodie; I finds happiness in small endeavours of life and love to pen them down as a cherished memory. A firm believer that “we have just one life to live and so much to do”,  I like to live every moment to the fullest.

My ichty feet and passion to see the world brought me in this profession. I am an avid reader and love to travel.

For better understanding of what I do, you can find below some of my work links:



So that’s it from me folks. I do hope veggie travellers from India don’t find any meat in their plates!

Bon voyage and happy eating

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  1. That’s a great round up of vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. Though we are non – vegetarians but we do crave for vegetarian meals every now and then. And I am definitely trying Sarvana Bhawan in Dubai whenever we go there next.

  2. What a wonderful list of restaurants! I was exploring some good options to dine-in this weekend with my family and this list pops up. I am so excited to go to the Spice Klub and I am putting Maharaja Bhog on my list to visit next time. Good effort by the writer 😀

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