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Hello and welcome to another wonderful Guest Post from Rupa of Mocktail Mommies. Grandparents have always had a part to play in bringing up children, more so in today’s world where both parents are often working.

Here’s what Rupa has to say.

GRANDPARENTS the word itself states ‘’GRAND’’ parents. Grandparents are delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stones and love. The transformation of a parent to Grandparent is phenomenal. The care and bonding multiplies to several folds when a grand-child makes his or her entry in to the family. Young ones need something stable to hang on – a culture connection, a sense of belonging, a clear path and that is what grandparents provide them. Grandparents play different roles such as loving companions, caregivers, mentors, historians, teacher and friend to name a few!

Our GRANDPARENTS have played a special role in our life in one way or other. There is a distinguished benefit seen in children wherein grandparents are involved in their upbringing. Even grandparents also enjoy benefits from the relationship with their grandchildren. There is high value standards and culture inculcated by grandparents which they have learnt by age and experience. The benefit is long lasting and permanent and helps us in each stride of life. I take this opportunity to share with you my little treasure of experience with my grandparents.

I had a close bonding with my GRANDMOTHER till her last breath. She has played a pivotal role in my upbringing and also my brother. The bonding becomes much stronger when you have working parents, which was true in my case. She acted as great pillars in each moment of our lives and was always ready to help in our difficult times.Some of the good habits such as getting up early, morning prayers and taking bath are those which have been taught from childhood days. The morning breakfast, delicious school lunch box and milk (served on time) will remain in my memory for a long time. The evening playing hours always used to be never ending and non-tiring however there was outer time limit set as part of discipline. Even though my grandmother used to put high emphasis on discipline and strict on certain aspects, she was always there to protect me from my parent’s ire.

Birthdays celebration involved cake cutting and gifts, however the first emphasis was on temple visit which has its own significance. Epic and moral values were part of bed time stories which I am able to narrate to my daughter. They taught me the value relationships in life and emphasised on been honest in any circumstances.

I would like to share my daughter’s experience with her Grandparents.  My parents had voluntarily offered to take care of my daughter and insisted me to focus on my career. The minute detailing in each of the activity was commendable and heart-warming. The early morning body massage and bath with ancestral technique used to be admirable and fun loving to watch. My daughter loved to sit with my dad while offering morning prayers to God. Morning prayers is one of the things that my daughter doesn’t forget to say every day and this gives a sense of spiritual feeling. My daughter’s wardrobe used to be filled with dresses; however, those were neatly segregated to cater to multiple changes happening throughout the day. Though my mother insisted on daily attendance of school, the eager eyes could be easily seen till the time my daughter returned home. My daughter used to love the food since it had the magical touch of love and experience. My mother took her to market places to ensure her ambit of learning enhanced and also she appreciated the value of money. They always taught her to respect the elders, not to lie under any circumstances and lead a respectable and successful life.

Even though they had to invest lot of time towards my daughter, they managed their daily chores also very well which is quite appreciable. The consistency in the efforts and the dedication without any expectation is something which cannot be expressed with words. I can proudly say that the discipline and humility which is reflected in my daughter’s behaviour is something which has been inculcated by my parents from her early days. There is no way I would be able to repay my parents for what they have done for me and my daughter as it is priceless!!!

As we progress, there is some change which is seen in our living structure; wherein people, nowadays prefer nuclear families. My only message and learning is that “Grandparents act as roots of the family who standby during our good and difficult times and help us to sail through smoothly”.

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“I am a homemaker, mother of a 8 yr old child. My interests are music, interacting with besties, travelling, eating different types of food etc. I have been associated with blogging for the past one & half years.  I write for Mocktail Mommies (

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Now that was a wonderful post on how important grandparents are . Wasn’t it ?

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Author: Unishta

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  1. Such a wonderful post Rupa. Grandparents surely play a vital role in our upbringing however small.or big it maybe. Lovely reading both yours and your kid’s experiences with grandparents. They surely nurture our lives with moral values and create a binding forever.

  2. Thanks for featuring Rupa’s guest post, Sunita. Grandparents do have a very big role to play in a child’s life and I can see that with my son and his two sets of grandparents who dote on him. They teach so many things that parents perhaps don’t have the time for, with patience and love that only a grandparent could give. I sometimes wish I could spend a little more time with mine. Sigh!!

  3. I never got to spend much time with my grandparents. We used to meet them only in vacations and those were some of the best days spent in home town. I loved how you described the relationship between the grandparents and the kids. So many learnings and so much love! Wonderful post Rupa.
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…How I am learning to do splits?My Profile

  4. I lost both my grandmoms when I was quite small and the grandpas were not the lovey dovey types, so I didnt really ever know this bond. But saw it in plenty of households of my friends and cousins and was envious of them as this was so much love and pampering showered onto them!

  5. I can vouch for the positive impact grandparents’ active presence makes to the life of a child. I see it during the times my parents spend time with us in Bangalore or when D and I go to stay at their place. D was always a fussy eater and strong-headed since the toddler days and the fact that he is a mellowed down version now, the credit for this goes to my parents especially my father. Both my parents remain thoroughly involved with him and a big emotional support for me this way, no matter if they are near or far.
    An aspect which I think is important enough in a set-up where both the mother is working and the grandparents are taking active care of the grandchildren is that the grandparents do not create a wall between the children and the mother or use the children as a means to settle scores with the mother especially. I know this happens for sure in households.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Regeneration #ThursdayTreeLove 7My Profile

  6. A truly heartwarming post. It reminded me of my grandparents. My grandad was my tennis coach who also chauffeured us around and bought us delicious snacks.
    I am glad my children’s grandparents are in the same city, and are going to grow up making grand experiences with them
    Namratha recently posted…Jungle grooveMy Profile

  7. It was a such a heart felt post. Loved reading it.
    I was very close to my grandma and her demise left me broken for days and I took a long time to recover from her loss. It is indeed right that the unconditional love they have for their grand children without expecting anything in return is commendable. That Love is irreplaceable!

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