The Mahatma seen at Churchgate? #WordlessWednesday

Mumbai commuters will be shocked to see the Mahatma alighting from a train at Churchgate station! Click To Tweet

Yes! Churchgate station one of the busiest stations on Mumbai’s suburban railway network  handles at least 5,50,000 passengers daily. This makes it the 5th busiest station in Mumbai with CST beating it to top post by 1,00,000 or so.

The southernmost station on the network it  literally has  millions of people pouring in to work every day.

Since November we’re seeing a new passenger hop off – Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation stepping down from his preferred mode of travel . History books tell us  it was quite common to see him amidst the masses in the crowded third class compartment of an Indian train.

You will find him on  a mural painted on canvas by Eduardo Kobra a Brazilian artist. It stands over 15 feet tall and will remain on show for the next 3 years. Do catch this stunning exhibit before the Mahatma boards the next train!

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