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When IndiBlogger rang up to invite me as one of 20 specially selected bloggers to attend a launch event of Sterling, I had no idea that I was embarking on a voyage of discovery.

For indeed that was exactly what it was !

Holidays then

Once upon a time holidays meant going to granny’s house and hanging out with other cousins who also came home for the holidays. Or it meant having cousins come to your house for the holiday. Gradually these changed to family holidays where families went on road trips or visited places of historic or geographic importance . And then there were holidays that were purely hedonistic with luxurious accommodation in exotic locations.

And for those of you who remember Cliff Richard’s ” Summer Holiday”,  holidays meant holidaying in Summer.

Holidays now

Holidays today are not just restricted to the summer. You can holiday in the Winter. You can holiday in the Spring. You can holiday any time you want. Some people take even more than just one  holiday . They prefer a short break every now and then, taking multiple breaks.

And holidays aren’t with just family either. People go on holidays to celebrate reunions, meet strangers they’ve met on- line ( like the recently concluded IndiBlogger  BNLF meet at Dehra Doon ), or satisfy their wanderlust or adventurous spirits.

And holidays aren’t about goofing off either. They are all about the experience – an Instagrammable holiday. A holiday where everyone can do exactly what he wants.

There is a growing number of holiday makers who don’t fancy the ultra-luxe spas and resorts, nor do they want the bare bones ‘dharamshalas’ of yore. They don’t want to go from site to tourist site or do the usual tourist things. Nor do they want to climb mountains and pitch their own tents at night. They want a balance of luxury and experience. And this is where Sterling steps in. Filling a niche market for those holiday makers who want to explore, discover and enjoy. 

Enter Sterling

Relaunching itself as Sterling, with a spanking new Logo representing dynamism and movement . Its three colours  representing a unique aspect of the Sterling holiday

Royal purple: Rich experiences and discoveries.
Warm red: People: desire and passion.
Bright yellow: Energy of diverse places.

I had always imagined Sterling to be a holiday Timeshare but today I learnt that it has changed its model.  It  offers its excellent facilities to others as well. You may be part of an organised tour or conference or you may be an individual.  Sterling is open to all who are looking for a holiday that is rejuvenating, invigorating and entertaining. A holiday where food, culture, wildlife, nature, adventure etc. are all taken care of.

So what is a Sterling Holiday?

Sterling Holidays is redefining holidays with its thrust on providing more than just the basics. It aims to provide its guests experiences that they will never forget. And this is by ensuring decentralizing authority, increasing the autonomy of individual resorts because in the end what matters is customer satisfaction.

In four recently launched resorts , guests can opt for personalised holidays with specially curated add-ons such as a visit to a Toda village in Coorg, or specially cooked trout in Manali. At Dindi one can visit a handloom enterprise and savour the local flavour and spices. You can gaze at the stars on a clear moonless night at Corbett. Or you can go on a tea trail in Darjeeling and watch the spectacular sunrises over the mountains. But you can also avail of its other existing facilities at 50 destinations in all.

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The verdict

All this was more than an eye opener for me. It was also food for thought.

Next year I turn 60 and wanted to do something different with my three generational family. I wanted to holiday at a place that wasn’t too far from home ( Goa and Dindi in Andhra Pradesh are close enough). I wanted a place that wasn’t too basic nor too luxurious ( read prohibitively expensive). I also wanted a place where the octogenarians would be equally comfortable as the toddlers. And I also wanted to make sure that the Millennial Parents weren’t bored by the lack of things to do.

Thank you #Sterling and #IndiBlogger for showing me the perfect holiday option. I’m sure I won’t regret my decision to celebrate my 60th Birthday at one of your resorts next year!

For more on Sterling Holidays, do visit their website at

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