Breakfast with a Crow Pheasant

Have you ever had breakfast with a crow pheasant ? Frankly nor had I till this very morning. And here’s how it happened.

Hubby Dear had to go to Kolhapur on some work so I accompanied him till Pune where we had spent the night at my parents’ . While he woke up before the crack of dawn (3 am to be precise) and left , I went back to my snug bed and woke up at 6.

I spent a few minutes in the balcony upstairs chatting with my parents as they had their morning tea. After waving out to the morning walkers, exchanging pleasantries with the neighbor next door , we moved down to the rear verandah where my dad likes to grab the early morning sun while reading the papers .

While my dad had his cornflakes , I munched on some yummy chicken sandwiches left over from my mom’s Bridge session yesterday afternoon so I nibbled in those instead of my usual buttery toast .

Incidentally these are much better than the iconic Marz-O-Rin on Main Street which for years was my all time favourite. From now on I’ll be grabbing chicken sandwiches from Diamond Bakery at Fatima Nagar. If you’re in Pune , it’s worth a bite.

So while I was munching away amidst the birdsong, I suddenly spied a Crow Pheasant or Bharadwaj slowly approaching the bird bath. Now spotting a crow pheasant signifies good luck and I held my breath as he came closer .

He walked up to the bird bath had a sip or two then walked off to the lawn where he had the bread crumbs my father had thrown out for the birds. He nibbled some, sipped his fill and then flew to the top of the wall. He stared at me then vanished .

Isn’t that a lovely way to have breakfast with the twittering of birds and cawing of crows ? Image of Bellybytes

February’s #FlavoursomeTuesday is scheduled for next week , the 6th but I’m posting this today.

Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. You are so lucky, Sunita! I remember spotting the Bharadwaj years ago, at Shrivardhan…haven’t seen another since. And, you should be glad you had your camera ready to shoot this video 🙂 The bird must have enjoyed the attention, I guess!

    1. I’m sure he did though he didn’t glance my way. I think this bird has adopted my dad’s home because I’ve seen him many times now . But no good luck so far:(

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