#Evion and me – A Hairy Tale

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Strange as it may sound, my first encounter with #Evion was not with my skin but with my hair. It’s very simple you see.

For years I’ve had issues with my hair.

It was thick, curly and uruly.  Everyone called me a Gollywog. I didn’t mind this till I found out that gollywog was an ugly black faced doll with thick red lips and curly, unruly hair – just like mine!   All the more I longed for hair that was thick, curly and smooth . Hair that framed my face like tendrils rather than the rough, frizzy strands that determinedly stood perpendicular to my scalp.

I tried everything anyone ever suggested to make them soft and manageable. I oiled my hair regularly overnight with different oils : almond, canthardine, bhringraj, brahmi tel, coconut oil and even castor oil. You name it, I’ve tried it . At various times in my life. Saturday night was a regular head massage with almost half a katori of oil slathered into my hair. I would go to sleep carefully spreading a thick towel on my pillow so as to prevent stains and smells.

In the morning the treatment would continue with different additives at different times. Sometimes it would be  egg white, sometimes it would be the juice of a lemon. Once or twice I added crushed hibiscus while at others I would put some whipped curds. There were even times when I  put mashed papaya pulp! I would top it off with a hot towel wrap, almost scalding my hands in the process and then wash it off with a home made soap seed shampoo. The only thing this really did was to gainfully occupy me for two hours every Sunday. Alas !  it made my hair soft and silky but also limp and wimpy! And by Monday morning when I was ready to go back to school , it was frizzy and wild once more.

And the hairy tales continued throughout my adolescence with different oils mixed with herbal remedies like crushed hibiscus flowers, henna leaf paste and anything that promised soft, lustrous hair. My dermatologist father would look with disgust at all my attempts  ” All you need now is some tadka”, he would scoff.

Finally, E is for Evion


Somewhere in my late 30’s I came upon the magic formula of Evion+Olive Oil . This was the only thing that left my hair, soft, silky and manageable. Sunday morning hair wash became a breeze with 1 capsule of Evion mixed with two tablespoons of  warm Olive oil. I would then rub this into my scalp and leave it on for two hours before washing it off with a regular shampoo. And wonder of wonders, it remained that way till the NEXT wash a week later.

Finally, my hair became soft and silky thanks to #Evion.

I realised later on  that Evion  doesn’t really affect hair.

Regular use of Vitamin E, however, does result in better skin.  It is a great anti-oxidant and has multiple benefits .

However, Evion does have other uses and is commonly prescribed in the treatment of several conditions like  Diabetes .  

What really is Vitamin E and why #Evion?

“Vitamin E is an important vitamin required for the proper function of many organs in the body. It is also an antioxidant. This means it helps to slow down processes that damage cells.”

Vitamin E helps revitalise your skin and body too, giving you that Extra burst of Energy

Vitamin E and Me

I get my daily dose of Vitamin E through my 5 almonds, my breakfast egg and soups made of spinach, pumpkin or asparagus at dinner time. Click To Tweet

But eventually, how many almonds can you eat? And how much soup can you drink? ?

Image for Evion CreamIt would make more sense to pop in a capsule of #Evion  the trade name for Vitamin E, manufactured by Merck. Or slather some Evion cream for that baby smooth skin you were born with, every night before you get to bed.

Disclaimer :

Since I am just an MD ( Mother of a Doctor) and not a licensed Physician, I would advise that all medical preparations be taken only on the advice of a medical doctor!

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