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It was his first day in college. He had no idea of what to expect. It was all Princess’ idea that they move out of Makete Street . He stood outside the imposing stone entranceway and wondered if he should go in or wait for her. She was late as usual .

He decided to walk in and carefully made his way through the boys and girls chattering excitedly, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The new boys stood out like sore thumbs , awkward even, in their obviously new jeans, tees and backpacks . The new girls stood out too but seemed more confident. Of course they stood in the comfort of clusters , talking loudly and shiftily looking out from the corner of their eye to see who was watching them. It was a well known secret that on the first day of college , the Senior boys gaped at the new girls , checking them out to pick one as a potential love interest. Occasionally, they giggled, embarrassed when their gazes locked . It was almost like a mating dance thought Sandokan with the boys and girls interacting in an atmosphere charged with excitement, curiosity and the enthusiastic raw energy of youth.

“Should I go up to the new boys? Or should I go up to the new girls? ” he thought . Just then he heard a peal of laughter and looked up, straight into the green eyes of a girl surrounded by a gaggle of other giggling girls. Their eyes met and he sighed ” Cat eyes, hard to resist their magic . Changing with the light…. sometimes green and sometimes brown but always deep and mysterious “. Then he saw her. Princess looked at him archly. She seemed amused by his awkwardness.

He made his way towards her when suddenly the bell rang and the group of girls went up the staircase .Princess followed them too.

“Oh dear, I’ve lost her even before I found her !”

All day he waited in the hope of bumping into her between classes. He even hung around outside her class. He didn’t want to seem to desperate.

Finally , he caught up with her in the Canteen. She was rubbing herself against a table leg. Sandokan approached her stealthily not wanting to lose her again. But before he could reach, the bell rang and she darted . “Drat!” he thought. “And she did it again! ”

You can read more about Sandokan and Princess here and here .

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