A Sunday of a hundred colours

Most people are handed down old clothes and old toys. I was handed a box of Crayola . And what made this special ?

It was a box of 64 crayons!

Sturdy and strong in shades of blue and pink of every hue. With magical names like periwinkle and fuchsia.

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Since then I’ve been fascinated by Crayola and their product range and passionate as I am by stationery and art materials , I was as excited as Ms Papaya to visit the Crayola factory .

Daughter No 1 drove us down to Easton , Pennsylvania, through a picture postcard country side that was white with the snowfall from the night before.

And what a treat it was from start to finish where kids got to spend hours with colour in unique innovative ways over four flours of colourful activity.Image for colourful SundayImage for colourful Sunday

Molten magic

There were crayons you could melt and mold into cars or rings . And a machine that you could operate and spin a design. There were activity stations where you could indulge in your passion for Art & Craft .

Interactive activities

There were puzzles and challenges with tablets that brought an old technology to the digital world . I must admit that the young lad who explained the game to us looked disdainfully at our ineptitude when we gave up defeated!

There was a maze of pipes and stairs for kids to run around in. There were walls of moving images and swirls of colours .

The highlight of course was the shop at the end where you could buy all sorts of products to mark this memorable trip!

Now wasn’t that a perfect way to spend a colourful Sunday ? Image of Bellybytes

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