February skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

February has been a mixed bag so far with the skies unusually smoggy and dreary in the first week of this month.

Luckily the smog lifted and we’ve had some interesting cloudy skies.

Of course we’ve also had some hullabaloo about the Blue Moon which was far from Blue or red

And after the cloudy skies we’ve had our glorious sunsets which I failed to capture.

So I’m leaving you with just a glimmer of a February sunset which painted the sky pink and purple and fuschia.

Happy weekend all!

Image of Bellybytes

Linking up with #SkywatchFriday where bloggers from all over the world share pictures of their skies


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3 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    Love that last sky shot especially!

  2. Peter B. says:

    Very pretty sunset shot!

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