I’m blue because my moon wasn’t

I’m blue because my moon wasn’t

Last night the whole world must have been staring at the skies to look at the once in a blue moon phenomenon.

I happened to look up at the moon on the 30th when it seemed unusually large and bright. I mentioned this to my father who told me that on the 31st we were going to witness a Blue Moon, a Red Moon, a Full Moon and the Eclipse.

“Oh! I didn’t know. ” Perhaps this was too much for my brain to process because I foolishly told him ” You know , the moon rise was from the East. The same direction as the sun” . And we left it at that .

Yesterday while returning home I saw an orange moon in the Western horizon. I couldn’t capture it on my phone because Madhukar was in Speedy Gonsalves mode. But then my dad called up to tell me ” it is a Universal Truth that the sun and moon both rise in the east and set in the west” .

I’m sure he was up the whole night trying to figure out my “geographical discovery” .

I suppose it is age that makes one forget or rather confuse simple concepts like sunrise and sunset . I’ve captured so many of them that it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that sunrise and moonrise are in the same direction!

But I was confused .

So when it was time for moonrise last night, I kept a strict vigil on the east.

Sadly, there are many tall buildings coming around in the East so I had a restricted view of the moonWhen I first spotted it around 8 it looked like a peach orb with a sliver of light that gradually increased till the full moon was finally visible .

But the moon wasn’t blue. Nor was it red. Of course it was large but it wasn’t blue at all.

However, I’m glad I saw it especially since I won’t be around the next time it happens .

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7 thoughts on “I’m blue because my moon wasn’t

  1. Blue moon is not ‘BLUE’. This occurrence of 2 full moons in one calendar month is a rarity. Hence the expression ‘once in a blue moon’.

  2. The whole world was in a tizzy over it so dont blame you for your enthu 😉
    I spotted it finally at 830 ish when the lunar eclipse was receding and the dark patch was gradually lifting up.
    Good pics you have captured with your phone I am assuming?

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