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Blast from the past

Haven’t you wished for something that would stop the surround sound that you don’t want to listen to ?

Like that train journey around fifty years ago when all you heard for 8 hours at a stretch was the monotonous drone of a pesky child on the upper berth ask his father ” Baba, bashya kashya kartaat ? ” ( How are plates made Daddy? ). By day break you were ready to smash the plates on his head .

Or the every day intrusion into your mind space as you try to work on your PC in a den that is bombarded with inane dialogues from the soap operas blaring on the TV in the same space that you are forced to share with  Bayda the Bai ?

What about the songs you’ve had to put up with and endure simply because you had no choice? So while you wanted to listen to romantic music, you had to bear with metallic rock!

Thanks to wireless headphones, these are now things of the past.

6 reasons to get Bose Quiet Comfort  35 Wireless headphones II today

    • With just a flip of a switch you can completely cancel all sounds with the new Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology . It’s auto adjust feature continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal. So there’s nothing between you and your perfect sound!
    •  You can call up SIRI or Google Assistant ( your phone’s Virtual Personal Assistant ) with the press of a multi-function button that allows you to talk or listen to music. No need to grab your phone.
    • Superior material makes superior headphones . Made from impact-resistant materials, glass filled nylon and corrosion resistant stainless steel in a luxurious design, you will never feel you are wearing headphones.
    • Its long battery life  allows you to hear music or cancel noise for upto 20 hours at a stretch! And a quick 15 minute recharge gives you 2 1/2 more hours of listening pleasure
    • Low volume or ear drum busting loud : listen with the same clarity and comfort.
    • A free app that allows you to access the headphone from any device. So you don’t have to waste time re-jigging the settings every time you change your device to access your music.


Of course, it doesn’t come cheap. But then a pleasant journey, a quiet working space and clarity of sound are priceless aren’t they? 

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  1. Shilpa Gupte says:

    I loved that, “Baba,bashya kashya kartaat?”…hehehe…I can imagine how such surround sound can be such a pain in the head!
    Music lovers, who need their ‘space’, so need this Bose!

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