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My hazy sky #SkywatchFriday

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When I look out of my balcony I get to see the Queen’s Necklace but where has it gone today? Slowly my necklace is being gobbled up by new buildings and now it is a polluted sky.

This week Mumbai has seen hazy skies . Unusual for this time of year.

Yesterday J called to say she couldn’t see beyond 500 yards from her terrace.

The day before that , it looked like rain.

How I wish the skies go back to being what they were like , when Mumbai was Bombay .

A public parking space that is used by private bus operators.

  • Every day Mumbai is Registering more private cars coming on the roads. From one car per family , having two is quite the norm with some families having even more. It is rumoured that some millionaires have as many as 100 cars even!
  • Today from one car parking per family, buildings are now allotting parking space on PUBLIC Roads.
  • Private bus operators who earn a good amount of money, park their buses on PUBLIC roads or in PUBLIC a parking spaces.
  • There are more cars on the road simply because PUBLIC transport is appalling – not because of the frequency or cost, but because it is overburdened. Can you imagine a population of 17 million using facilities meant for 3 million?

Happy weekend to all of you .

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Joining up with other bloggers at #SkywatchFriday.

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