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Hello and welcome to #FlavoursomeTuesdays.

Sunday last I invited a few of my old friends over to brunch. Now these friends were old both metaphorically and physically. The men were all over 60 and their wives were getting there. And I had known them for well over thirty years.

All of us were in the pink of health but still had some health issues to deal with . Each one of us was a seasoned traveler with a seasoned palate. This meant that I had to invite them for something that would agree with their tummies and their palates and their digestive systems!

That was a tall order.

Should  I go in for a Pot Luck where each couple brought in a dish?  This would solve my dilemma of one menu for all. Because in our group there was one person who ate fish but only Pomfret . Another who only felt satiated with something with rice . A third had only chicken breast . Some couldn’t eat red meat and some who had to restrict the carbs….. you get the drift don’t you ? Which meal would satisfy all?

The Pot luck is a concept that arose when a lunch/dinner was decided impromptu. The hostess had to improvise with whatever was left in her kitchen hence the name POT LUCK.

Later on this came to include a contributory meal where each guest brought along whatever was left in their home. An even more advanced version meant a contributory meal where the guests brought a dish that was decided in advance . This works out well for people with no time to make elaborate meals and don’t wish to cater out.

But Pot Lucks can be dicey so I decided to make everything at home within the parameters of fuss.

However, once the menu was decided, I was wondering about the time.

Mumbai dinners are notoriously late with guests arriving at 9 for an early dinner. Naturally this is after they’ve returned from a hard day at work , showered and changed and spent a little time at home with the kids.

On the other hand, they’ve also come home ravenous and had a bite before they brave the traffic and the trudge to your place. So when you welcome the guests at 9, no one is in a hurry to eat before 10 and even then, they just nibble because their stomachs are already full.

So I thought the best option is a Sunday Brunch– that meal in between breakfast and lunch-

Sundays are perfect to entertain guests, particularly casually – giving everyone the time to get up late and go home well in time for a leisurely siesta. Now all that was left was to actually come up with the perfect menu.

Image for A Sunday Brunchr

But inspiration lurks in strange places.

Thanks to a chance glance at the cherubic Jamie Oliver lisping over Chicken cacciatore while I was channel surfing for inspiration, I served my guests a boozy chicken cooked in a splash of Sula Zinfandel which I  substituted for the Chianti recommended by Jamie

This was accompanied by a platter of Roast beef in a mushroom sauce, Prawn Newburg on a bed of buttered rice and filets of Rawal grilled to perfection and served with a lemon butter sauce.

The asides consisted of a delightfully fresh watermelon and feta cheese salad, spaghetti in pesto sauce, a vegetarian lasagna and a bowl of creamy, mashed potato.

Image for Strawberries and icecream with sauce

To round off this light meal, I had a bowl of chopped strawberries and a bowl of Christmas pudding . I kept a slab of vanilla and Hershey’s Caramel and Chocolate sauces so my guests could assemble their own sundaes.

After this sumptuous buffet where the conversation flowed freely, we all retired to our homes for weekly siesta.

Now isn’t that a great way to start a busy week?

What do you prefer ? A pot luck or a Sunday Brunch? Or do you prefer a formal dinner or lunch ?

Do let me know in the comments below .


Image for #FlavouromeTuesdays

What is Flavoursome Tuesdays?

Last year my food blog, Foodities , died a natural death by mere neglect . However, being a foodie, I missed writing about food and memories associated with food . So I began #FlavoursomeTuesdays – a weekly post on food . Soon I found that  an enthusiastic blogger Shilpa of Metanoia  was joining in with her delightful stories . And occasionally we got Alana , Obsessive Mom and VaaydiPennu too.

This encouraged me to launch a Linky party.

Thus we give you, Shilpa and I, BellyBytes our first official #FlavoursomeTuesday. 

Incidentally both of us are technically challenged and learning on the go.  So if we do get anything wrong …. please bear with us.

One thing we do assure you is a good time with food and memories .

So do join us for this Pot Luck hosted by us on the first Tuesday of every month. The Linky will be open till the following Monday, giving you a week to join in with your own contribution.

Ingredients for a #FlavoursomeTuesday:

  • Food memories
  • Food stories
  • Food photos
  • Recipes & Restaurant reviews

All these are optional. You can bring in any of the above or all!


  1. Write a blog post and hashtag it #FlavoursomeTuesdays
  2. Drop your links in the comments on my blog and on Shilpa’s blog.
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  4. Leave some comments too and share the love on social media.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the party.

Do feel free to share the badge on your blog to let the others know .


Looking forward to seeing you today and on the first Tuesday of every month !

Bon Appetit mes amis !

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  1. That was quite a lavish spread, Sunita. Hats off to you!!! I’m sure the guests had an amazing time and you were more than contented with your role as the perfect hostess. Now, coming to your question, I’d prefer a Sunday brunch as I like it laid back and easy on the weekends, although a pot luck is a great idea when a large group is coming together over a meal at short notice. And yes, lunch over formal dinners any day.

  2. Ok. I don’t know what black magic is going on but i was driving today to work and the only thing on my mind was chicken cacciatore. Mind you, I’ve never had the dish nor know its ingredients but i just remember hearing it in some MasterChef show and for some reason, kept wondering what it would be like.

    Of all the things, to read it an hour later here… Weird coincidence.
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…Some things never change. But then some things do. #BoseQC35My Profile

  3. That dessert looks gorgeous and i will try it next time I have guests. Frankly, I am a terrible cook. So, I normally do not cook and especially when I invite guests. The husband takes care of the non-veg stuff, while I do the basic rice, appams, chapatis and salads. I like Saturday / Sunday evenings to have people at home.
    Lata Sunil recently posted…Directions #FridayFotoFictionMy Profile

    1. You don’t have to be a great cook to entertain. You only need to be a great innovator. And as long as your guests don’t go hungry who cares who has made the food? I enjoy appams by the way ….

    1. That’s the best of all – eating out. But I actually enjoy cooking especially when I have an appreciative audience and honestly with my trusted help around it didn’t take more than 2 hours to do everything from start to finish ( laying table etc) though I must admit I did most of the grocery shopping in advance….

  4. The entire menu sounds like something straight out of a cookery show! And, you prepared it all by yourself? Aapke charan kahaan hain, Maatey? You should begin your own cookery show, Sunita!
    I loved the whole new look and new feel you have given our #FT…Sharing my link right away!
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Love is in the air!My Profile

    1. Thanks Shilpa. I’m no great cook but I am a great innovator ( master of jugaad) come over anytime and we can cook up a storm……as for cookery show….. who knows?

  5. Quite an elaborate spread..I am not even aware of few of the bad..I am sure the guests had a gala time..I would prefer a potluck..we do have a group where we do monthly potluck..I had contributed on couple of previous #ft..I will surely try to post something for this month, soon.

    1. Thanks Balaka. Would love to read your contributions. And I like potluck when the guests are a painful bunch – My motto is if you like your chapatis only the way you make them, then you can bring them for me also 😉

    1. you are more than welcome to join me for any meal whenever you are in Bombay. It’s always nice to meet a kindred spirit. Please do join our linky party with your own foodie adventures 😉

  6. Brunch it is! I like the brunch because, it does not stick to a set pattern and there is a free flow to it. I liked your menu too ! In pot lucks I am always worried about how much to make and will it be enough.

    1. I’m glad to find there are more and more people who enjoy a relaxed, casual form of entertaining that only happens with brunch . Perhaps I will do it more often …. and yes the pot luck is really very chancy

  7. Wow! You sure are an accomplished cook- meat/chicken/fish- did you miss out anything?
    The pics are making me so so hungry and its only 8 in the morning!! Damn! 😉
    I love doing potlucks too when I go to other people’s house but when its at my place – I love cooking the whole hog and yes Brunch is a lovely option to ensure everyone eats to their hearts fill and still has room for a siesta after that!!

    1. Thanks Shalz …. yes I love cooking especially since I like eating good food …. it’s easy really and once you get the hang of it , things go really fast. I’m sure there’s a secret chef in you too since you are so good at so many things. Try on a chef’s hat and surprise yourself !

  8. Sunita…please take a bow!! What a spread and such daunting task. And look at this, the lady is doing it with ease and elan!!!
    Would you mind conducting some “zen and cooking” classes for me? For…the mere thought of guests for lunch, dinner or brunch spends shivers down my spine. I end up dialing my caterer.
    The photo of the desert is so inviting, tempting and yummylicious!

    1. Anagha the dessert was just cut strawberry and ice cream! Can it get easier than that???? Life looks better in photographs. And so what if you don’t like cooking …. everyone can’t write !

  9. Wow! That is an elaborate and delicious menu! I am sure your guests went back totally satiated !! Boozy chicken sound really interesting.. must look out for that recipe. Sharing food memories is an interesting thought.. maybe I should join this blog hop 🙂 At my age, many memories to share 😉
    Archana recently posted…Morning In A City (Wordless Wednesday)My Profile

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