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A positive act of kindness isn’t necessarily one that affects humanity at large . Sharing a positive thought is an act of kindness too .

Very often random acts of kindness can be found in ordinary everyday actions like this advice that I read on a BLOG !

I think it deserves a place in the #WATWB simply because it is a piece of advice that will resonate with many.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It is one job that has no formal requirements – in fact many parents stumble into this job purely by accident . Even for those who have ventured into this by careful planning, there are instances that take you by surprise.

What do you do when your baby first cries? Do you rock him? Pat him? Console him? Feed him? As usual there are at least ten solutions to this situation and every expert you ask will give you a different opinion .

And the learning never stops because parenting is a lifelong job.

As your baby grows up and faces the world , your heart will swell with pride when you see him take things in his stride. His baby steps are yours and his victories are yours too .

So when your baby’s heart is broken, you can see a crack in your’s as well . How do you console a child when you have no real answers to ease his pain ?

Yesterday, I got a notification from one of my favourite bloggers that one of his posts helped his son get over a romance gone sour.

It is not only helpful but also brought a smile to my face. I’m sure it will make you happy too .

Read Stuart M Perkins‘ post here :

I found this post heart warming and practical. Stuart M Perkins writes charming stories about everyday life that always bring a smile to my face.

Didn’t you enjoy this story?

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  1. enjoyed reading the humorous post of underwear compared to relationships:) I liked his attitude and the desire to help his son… some times as parents we struggle to help our kids despite all limitations what matters is the desire to reach out.
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