#International Women’s Day

With my body clock still inhabiting two time zones, I realise that TODAY is #International Women’s Day in the part of the world where I am currently staying. She is professional working woman. She is also a mother to a young child like my other daughter Anna Shetty. Both my millennial babies are lucky that they can pursue their careers and maintain their individual identities. This is because we come from a family where gender bias doesn’t exist .

But many women in the world aren’t so fortunate. For them life is a struggle dealing with subjugation, inhuman living conditions and discrimination in the work force . While the suffragettes won women the universal right to Vote, very few women enjoy the benefits of feminism and women empowerment .

International women’s day is recognising the need for women to be recognised for their aptitude and ability and not taken notice of merely because they are women.

Sharing below some of the messages I received on this day

I loved all of them but the last one really captures what I feel .

Happy Women’s Day !

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Author: Unishta

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  1. And I totally forgot about what today was. We will need a Women’s Day as long as gender bias exists-and I was so hopeful that our generation would be the last.

  2. Happy Women’s day to you, Sunita.
    We can hope for a world with no gender bias. Like in your family, there are more families with no bias. And maybe one day, far far in the future, many more families will learn to exist with no bias and there could be no gender bias in the whole world! What a stretch, right? One can hope. As long as we don’t promote gender discrimination and we don’t accept to be biased because of our gender, we are going in the right direction and hopefully, the ripples continue to grow!
    Loved the last image among the lot. 🙂

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