Save water with#CuttingPaani and #Livpure

Why save water ?

Well, for several days now, this video clip has been doing the rounds. I’m sure you’ve seen it too.  In case you think  this is far away from your reality, think again.

A few days ago, the following graphic appeared in a Bangalore newspaper.

Image for water shortage


Aha! Says you who are not living in any of these cities – this won’t affect me .

  • And you go back to brushing your teeth with the water gushing down the drain as you scrub your pearly whites.
  • Soaping your pots while the tap is running pointlessly.
  • Washing your car by pouring buckets of water indiscriminately.
  • Flushing a full water cistern after a 2 drop pee. Every hour or so.
  • Running a wash cycle on your dishwasher/washing machine with just the ONE item.
  • Have a 10 minute shower twice a day.
  • Having just a sip of a glass of water , and abandoning  the rest.
  • Over-watering your indoor plants till most of the water collects in the below.
  • Not attending to leaky faucets and watch the water drip by drop by drop.
  • Filling buckets of water when you are warned that the water tanks are being cleaned only to pour them out because you didn’t really need them.

Well most of us are guilty of these actions.

Don’t flush with every pee

Even as housewives, we have enough opportunity to save water.

Whenever I go for a walk in my compound , I see the car washers wobble-walk with  buckets of water filled to the brim . By the time they reach the car, a lot of water has splashed out . And when they reach the car, they splash mugfuls of water on the tyres, on the windscreens and eventually pour the remaining in the flower beds! What a sheer waste. All that they need to do is dip a rag in half a bucket of water and squeeze it before wiping down the car.

Similarly, if you wipe down your soiled dinner plates with a newspaper and dip soak them in a tub of soapy water, they are easier to rinse clean with less.

Despite my overhead shower, I use a bucket of water for a bath. My family will vouch for my quick ‘ bird bath’ as I don’t take more than 5 minutes. Also , having a bucket of water restricts the usage of water.


This might sound disgusting to some but honestly flushing after 2 pees is NOT filthy especially when you’re the only one using the bathroom for a 2 drop pee every now and then .

Similarly , serve water in  smaller glasses and DRINK up all the water till the last drop.

Wear each garment at least for one whole day. Don’t send it for wash just after it touches your body.

And lastly, brushing teeth with the faucet closed avoids water wastage.

Simple actions save many drops. And many drops can save the world. Click To Tweet

Mindful use of water is all that is required to avoid wastage.

The words of a hymn from my school days  reinforce the precept that every drop matters

Little drops of water

Little grains of sand

Make the mighty ocean

And the beauteous land

Don’t you think it is high time we stop wasting water and start using it judiciously?

Sharing my thoughts on the occasion of #WorldWaterDay.

I am also participating in an Indiblogger and Livpure initiative #CuttingPaani.

For more tips on how to save water, visit the Livpure site NOW.

What are you doing to save water ?

I’ve signed Livpure‘s petition, “#CuttingPaani”, on Mar 21, 2018

Why don’t you?  

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8 Responses

  1. Good pointers. All the best with the contest.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  2. Parul Thakur says:

    It is true that the next war would be for water. I really like the #CuttingPaani video. So true. Those stats and information is so relevant and I agree with you how unknowingly we all waste water. I hope your post reaches more and more people so that they can improve and save water.

  3. Alana says:

    Bellybytes, I don’t do as much as I can do. Many people in our country have low-water flush toilets (all newer toilets are like that) – I have an older toilet but we don’t flush each and every time. We never, ever, water our lawn (in the U.S., heresy). You are a water saving heroine. There are some cities in the United States who have serious water problems – not quite like what some parts of India experience but Americans, in general, are wasteful of natural resources.
    Alana recently posted…Frosted Forest #ThursdayTreeLoveMy Profile

  4. Oh yes this reasonates with me on so many levels. I re-use the RO waste water for plants, mopping and washing machine. I also re use the boiled water from rice/pasta/potatoes to water my plants after its cooled down – lets not waste water is such a city anthem but none of us are really taking it seriously.
    When the crunch will hit us, only then will we scramble a bit but it will be too little too late by then!
    What a well written article Sunita!

    • Bellybytes says:

      Thanks Shalz . Yes I know you are the champion of holistic living . I had heard of using tea leaves as manure in potted plants but pasta water ? What about the starch ? Doesn’t it affect the plants ? Or do the plants benefit from the starch?

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