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Stumped #WordlessWednesday

Once a tall, proud, tree all that remains is a  crudely hacked stump.

Image for stump of tree


For years I used to pass this tree on the way to my bank. I can’t remember what it was because it was so tall.

But now that it was cut to size, I recognised it as the stump of what was once proud and tall….

Unfortunately, a recent trip to the bank showed that all traces of the tree are now removed and the hold tiled to provide space for one more car!

This is supposed to be a wordless post but I can’t help express my indignation at such a travesty.

What do you think?


Sharing this with Esha and Natasha on #WordlessWednesday.

Image of Bellybytes

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  1. It’s strange how we ignore something when it’s there but become aware of its absence when it’s gone. Mankind is doing the same with nature. We are going to pay for it greatly

  2. It is sad to see the trees in such lifeless state. I hope there was a good reason behind chopping this tree down and that they have planted another one somewhere in place of this one.

    1. No way. They just wanted more space to park and also prevent damage to the building because of the deep wide spreading roots ! The tree was there much before the building though

  3. How callous and merciless of us humans when we do such things. Travesty indeed! I don’t think people spare a thought for that tree that stood there for so many years— a witness to our lives and times! This s something that is happening everywhere—all at the cost of urbanisation and development!
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  4. I tried commenting on this heartbreaking picture the other day but for some reason I could not. Sunita, this picture is a glaring and sad reality of how mankind is shamelessly and mercilessly bringing down nature to it’s knees, not realising the long term damage they are causing to our own lives.

    Hope some day reality knocks them hard on their heads and they will wake up before it’s way too late.
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