What day is it ? #MondayMusings

Whenever I travel from West to East I suffer from jet lag which lasts a year. But it seems this time that I’m suffering from a permanent jet lag.

This is largely due to the fact that I spend the major part of the morning making calls back home where everyone is wishing my good night . And it is a good night of the day that is just beginning for me.

Do you get the drift ?

The first time I ever travelled westward, I was horrified to learn that I arrived on the same day that I left Mumbai. Similarly, when I arrived home, I had lost a whole day! All this plays havoc with my circadian rhythm and I land up countering this by watching movies back to back. This time round I saw movies in all but can only remember that they were delightful. Somehow I don’t remember the names. Nor do I remember the stories. All that I remember is that they we’re thoroughly enjoyable .

Which brings me to my blogging schedule.

Being averse to carrying lap tops and iPads and other objects that have to go through security , I prefer blogging on my phone. But as far as I know, my blog posts are scheduled to go up as per IST. This makes it difficult for me to keep track of the posting .

When do I put up my Monday posts ? Thanks to the different time zones, I can’t keep up with the time.

In my mailbox I find letters of yesterday which are actually dated today if that makes any sense.

And the cold weather is not making things any easier. Despite the central heating and thermal underwear, the sun is deceptive and I often step out only to have my brains freeze in the cold .

So I check the weather report and dress accordingly only to find myself breaking into a sweat in the sunshine . Coming from a Mumbai which only sees hot and hotter mixed with humid and wet , I just don’t know how to deal with the clothes.

Which brings me to my original dilemma. What day is it ?

I hope I’m not too late to link up with #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne of EverydayGyaan.

How do you my dear Readers deal with jet lag and time zones? Would love to know in the comments.

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