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Yesterday we dropped by for tea at a friend’s place. The havoc of last week’s snow storm was evident in the foot high snow piled up around her house . We also marvelled at the huge branch that lay on her front lawn, missing her house by just a few feet . We were wondering if she had electricity because several people we knew had to do without power for several days. When we went inside her house, she pointed to a huge tree that had fallen in her back yard.

“We’ve got rid of several trees over the years, in order to prevent them from falling on the electric wires. ” She told us this was her constant fear each time a storm was imminent- trees falling and loss of electric power.

Believe it or not this is in New Jersey, in towns that are just an hour away from New York . And Winter is supposed to be officially over.

But this is life . Upsets can happen anywhere, to anyone and at any time . And all these uncertainties cause stress whereas in actual fact it is just life unfolding minute by minute, day by day. In today’s world the word ‘life’ has become synonymous with the word ‘stress’ because each one of us feels the stress of day to day living .

However streamlined our schedules may, however organised our pantries may be , however planned our holidays may be – nothings is stress free. Every little thing can trigger off stress.

A simple task like reading a book before nodding off to be can stress you out with its gory, mind gripping plot . The possibility of being caught by a cop causes stress even while having a glass of wine !

Despite our best intentions life happens.

How do you cope with it ?

Taking part in #MondayMusings hosted by Corinne of EverydayGyaan.

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