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How the world changed me #SayYesToTheWorld

Sunrises and Sunsets.

With each ticket to somewhere, I find I change a little .  Travel opens my mind to a world of new experiences. It expands to accommodate new sunrises and new sunsets

I discover new tastes and smells that excite the palate and stir the senses. Like the first time I shivered outside the Dutch Parliament at and felt the smoked pickled herring slither down my throat. And a different taste altogether.  Peking Duck in Beijing . Or as recently as a perfectly done steak with the creamiest mashed potato at a swanky restaurant in Princeton that was once a railway station!

Indeed, I find that every time I visit a place, I discover something new…. and no amount of visits to Amsterdam, Milan or Madrid can be boring. I’ve spent months in Washington DC and walked up and down the roads discovering strange museums and shops…..I’ve spent a month in Singapore and found that there are places that I haven’t even glimpsed!

Plus ca change, plus ca change pas

But , on the other hand, I find that there is a commonality in the world.

You could be in almost any airport in the world and find yourself getting into a plane that could be almost the same. Flight attendants greet you with a plastic smile and depending on your class and colour and possibly the brand of your jacket, you are escorted to a seat that gets proportionately narrower as the fares increase.

There is only one word to describe airline food – YUCK and the inflight entertainment can be indifferent to fantastic depending on your luck.

Flights coming to and from India are particularly given step motherly treatment irrespective of the carrier you are flying on. Click To Tweet

As one of those people who travel with their noses, I love to discover new foods and tastes. And at the end of it all, there are very few surprises.

A vanilla ice cream tastes pretty much the same as does a chocolate cake. What makes the difference is the people you are eating with. I enjoy eating with friends and find that company is the most pleasurable part of the experience. And even though I was all alone, I will never forget my two days in Florence where all I had was GELATO for lunch!


And though I am scared of air travel and anxious before every journey, I will always jump on a train or hop on a bus and even take a cruise on a boat . I know my stomach will heave and  my heart race double time but I will travel as long as I can for there is much more to see and discover in my world.




There are a hundred reasons why I say #YesToTheWorld

Pink, orange sunsets and sunrises that stun. Spectacular appearances that are seriously dramatic !

Snow flakes gently falling and covering up the earth

The smiles of happy people and giggles of little kids

Voices booming loudly, soft whispers and sweet voices trilling joyfully.

As ripples of laughter mingle with

Smells of flavours cooking.

Crunchy wafers crackling

Fry pans sizzling, pots bubbling ,ovens baking

Tastes from all the world .

The beauty of the flowers

Whose fragrance fills up the air

And the pretty little bottles

Lined up on dressing table

With sweet smelling oils, creamy bath soaps and scented candles.

Long walks along the sea side, spraying kisses on my cheeks.

A hundred souls walk past me , yet leaving me alone.

White clouds that fly above me,

Tall mountains soaring high.

Vast open grassland spaces

And the stories of each person that lives on this earth.

The taste of wine that lingers as in its languorous spell I fall

The sweetness of chocolate, lightness of cream.

And every single moment even one where I’m asleep

In the calmness of the night time as my lovely dreams it keeps.

The chatter of grandchildren,

Birthday candles on the cake

Birds screeching past

There’s much too much to be discovered

Uncovered, unsavoured.

Stories to be heard and retold

I say YES to the world.

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I’m participating in Indiblogger’s #SayYesToTheWorld held in conjunction with Lufthansa


A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

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