Breathing salty air.

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It’s holiday time in Mumbai and most of the children are at home. It’s also the time when most of the domestic help has gone off on leave or will be going away in the no-so-merry month of May. 

In the run up to the long holidays this weekend heralding the month of May, I will bring to you a series of how you can have the Perfect Mumbai Summer. 

An indoor beach

Bombay is a coastal city and once upon a time you could actually hear the waves beating against the rocks. You could also breathe in the salty sea air.

Sadly, sea air is a thing of the past except a walk in the monsoons when the sea spray comes straight on your face.

But if you want to breathe in the salty sea air ( which has therapeutic properties), you could easily book yourself a session at the Salt Escape.

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Salt Escape

“I’ve got free passes to try out ‘Salt Escape’, ” Jo told me, “let’s try it!”

The weather was hot and unbearable . Jo and I were at a loose end. We had to get out to some place cool and chill. But there weren’t any good movies around. Nor did we want to hang out at a club. Suddenly she realised that she had some introductory passes to Salt Escape, the city’s coolest new trend ( not so new any more but still cool and trendy)

And that’s how the two of us landed up at “SALT ESCAPE”

Quoting from their website :

For the first time in Mumbai, we offer a completely safe and complementary treatment called Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) that is working wonders all across the world!

Located in the heart of Mumbai, Salt Escape offers a completely natural and drug-free therapy to help relieve the symptoms of many respiratory and skin problems, and enhance well being. At Salt Escape, we use state of the art technology and equipment from The Salt Cave which has been accepted by the National Health Services in the U.K. to treat COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and has already helped thousands of people feel better. Non invasive, painless and without side effects, Salt Therapy is beneficial to people of all ages. Come visit us today and let Salt Escape help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and healthy.

The two of us were taken into a completely white room which had cheery red relaxing chairs and foot rests. There was salt on the floor and after we settled down, we heard the gentle waves of the sea against the sand and sat back and inhaled the spray of salty air that was let into the room.

Silence is mandatory and you really come out feeling re-freshed and relaxed.

Of course this comes at a fee but if you are looking for some peace and quiet in the middle of the afternoon, this is the place to go to especially after tramping around the streets of Mumbai’s Fort District.

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Kaiser-E-Hind Pvt. Ltd.
Hanuman Building. Ground Floor,
300, Perin Nariman Street,
Behind Reserve Bank of India,
Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India.

T: + 91 22 2269 0034/ + 91 22 2269 0035

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p.s. All images in this post are taken from the Website of SALT ESCAPE

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    1. Yes. It’ worth a try but not really for you who is already enjoying the fresh sea air….. Do this when you aren’t really on a visit and you have all the time in the world to spare

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