Cut hair , cut care

I don’t even know if it is an aphorism .it may well be a thought from my jumbled head . But I remember very clearly that every time I cut my hair , I console myself with the words : Cut Hair, Cut Care.

And, surprisingly, it works.

Believe it or not, I always wanted long, flowing tresses . Not exactly long enough for Rapunzel’s prince to climb on. But , at least long enough to swish around my waist.

Sadly this remained a dream unfulfilled even now.

Ever since I can remember , I was marched off to the hair dresser’s every 4 weeks . My curly locks were shorn off to keep my unruly mane tame. It was a traumatic time for me to see the hair fall at my feet.

But I know it didn’t look nice . Especially when people remarked that I looked like our then PM Indira Gandhi.

However, there was nothing I could do but lump it .

Gradually, I learnt to live with it and even begin to like it – not so much for the looks but for the convenience .

While my friends spent hours taking care of their hair, all I had to do was run my fingers through it and it was done.

So when Daughter No 1 and Anna Shetty we’re little girls, I regularly trimmed their hair. Sometimes even at home!

But having had short hair all my life, I realised that in order to really look after her hair, a girl should have long hair as a child at least once in her life.

So sometime during their teens, the girls were allowed to keep longer hair than I’d ever kept . And , by the time Anna Shetty got married, she could actually sit on it !

But of course practicality takes over and she gradually cut her hair at various lengths at various times . Finally, yesterday it was down to her hairstyle of her baby days a short pixie crop.

It seemed the perfect way to deal with a hot summer that would involve daily dips in the swimming pool.

But none of us were prepared for Wow Dinga’s and Little Po’s reaction. .

For the first time they actually said “Yucky Aie” ! And believe it or not , Little Po pronounced solemnly, ” Girls should have long hair”.

What is really strange is that all along , the boys never thought of their mother and I as girls !

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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

6 Comments on “Cut hair , cut care

  1. One of my young (early 20’s) friends informed me about 6 years ago that if I would like to grow my hair out, “now is the time. Pretty soon you will be too old to have hair to your waist and still be cool.” ?
    A year before that, my hair was midway down my back but I chopped it when the kids came to live with us because I barely had time to take a shower. Unlike my friends who look adorable in short hair, my hair is thick and stick-straight, so I simply looked like a boy with boobs.
    Shortly after my friend told me I should probably grow it back out, a little boy on the soccer team I coached patted my head as I tied his shoes for him. “Coach, why do you have a boy haircut?”
    Ah, the honesty of four year-olds and 20-somethings.
    I’m growing it out while I’m still cool…

    1. I really envy all those who have thick , straight hair . Inconvenient as it may be – keep your locks as long as you can….. one day you’ll have to go short ….. and kids they just shoot their mouths off 🙂

  2. I have had LONG hair all my life and got it cut when my son was born. The stylist refused to cut my hair. So had to ‘counsel and convince’ him to do the needful. And since the last 15 years, my hair length is decreasing and if my current hair-stylist listens to me, I wouldnt mind a pixie cut.
    I dont know what fascination these guys have for long hair. My husband never ever complimented me on my long hair but when I got it cut, he wasnt too happy and a few of my friends refused to acknowledge me because I had done something sacrilegious.

  3. I have wavy hair and always fancied having long hair but because of split ends and being wavy it never looked very neat and I had to keep it till shoulder length. This is when I decided to straighten my hair putting my fears to rest. The straight hair look suited me well and I now have quite long hair which I absolutely love.
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    1. That’s a great solution which would work for my daughter but my hair is very fine and I look almost bald if I straighten it out . I’d have never guessed your hair was treated . It looks fabulous!

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