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Earth Day – Teach the child and save the world

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“Aji look plastic bag!”

Wow Dinga, Little Po, Anna Shetty and I were returning home from a morning at the club. One of the games we play on the way home is to count cars/trees/taxis – anything really to keep the boys occupied and gainfully engaged and distract them from throwing up as Wow Dinga is motion sick. This time Wow Dinga decided to point out plastic bags. He excitedly pointed out 12 plastic bags till we reached home and promptly announced that they should all be banned and the users punished.

Our State Government has decided to impose a ban on plastics particularly plastic bags.  The irresponsible disposal of plastic has led to blocked drains which in turn has created havoc on Mumbai’s roads during the monsoon. Every year the roads are flooded and precious lives and manhours are lost in dealing with a situation that could have been avoided. Finally, the authorities have decided to impose a strict ban on plastic bags that do not meet the required thickness etc etc.

The best way to educate a population is to teach the child.

When I was growing up, it was commonplace to have people spit on the road, throw paper wrappers, banana peels and other garbage out of their car windows. People happily disposed off empty cans of beer, bottles of aerated water and what not.

The factories emanated black smoke and let out harmful effluents into the sea and rivers. In other words, pollution was a word unheard of.

Gradually, however, people began realising the error of their ways, and we were told in school to bin the trash. When passengers in the car began rolling down their windows to toss out that crushed bit of paper, we, as children held that hand and told the person to throw it in the bin.

A whole generation thus was converted to binning their trash.

Re-interpreting the Three R’s

Last week, I was amazed to hear Wow Dinga  humming a song that completely floored me.

Was I hearing right? It was all about  reducing, recycling and  reusing a new interpretation of the Three R’s .

I was happy seeing this remarkable change from the apathy of Earth Day two decades ago

Perhaps there is hope for us after all and even though the climate has changed drastically, my great grandchildren may still be able to have mangoes in the month of May.

Do you think the ban on plastic will make a difference to pollution?

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  1. Yes, absolute. Marine animals and fish have been eating plastic; it’s a disaster for their health. Pounds of plastic have been inside various species of fish. Banning plastic bags is a good idea.

  2. The ban on plastics will definitely work if it’s implemented correctly. My veggie vendor has stopped giving veggies in plastic bags and insists we bring our own with us. If someone doesn’t, then they pay for the cloth bag he keeps in his shop. But, the other day, I saw the bottle gourd lovingly wrapped in a plastic cover. That makes no sense, does it? There are no plastic carry bags, no straws, but these little plastic covers to wrap certain veggies. Also, milk gets sold in packets, and we find these packets lying around, as do the sanitary pads! There are many questions that need to be answered and issues sorted out if we really want to make our city Plastic-free! A lot needs to be done, actually. And, I am sure it will! Let’s be positive! 🙂
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    1. You are right about the continued use of plastic. Frankly plastic itself can be recycled and is useful . What we really need to do is tighten up the disposal of plastic . It shouldn’t be just dumped irresponsibly. Frankly aren’t our grannies having the last laugh Kapda chi pishvi?

  3. I am convinced that we will be extinct in next 100 years, if the rate of pollution continues unabated. There are calls to save the earth but darlings its not the earth that will die but us. There will be no more oxygen left for us to breathe or clean water to drink; let alone grow crops, etc. We are going to starve to death while being afflicted by all kinds of maladies due to the pollution. Thats the scenario I see every winter when the crop burning haze descends on us and we choke and burn inside our homes.
    Apologies for such a dark and depressing comment but its straight from my heart!!!!

    1. Yes Shalini I totally agree with you. Doomsday seems quite possible and we will go the way of the dinosaurs. But then according to the theory of Karma won’t our souls be re-born in another form?
      It may inspire you to write a novel ???

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