Gratitude is hard to find in hard times

As April slowly slips to May, it’s hard to find things to be grateful for. With each day bringing a different problem, this month has been particularly stressful . And as the month coming to a close, things are going to get even more difficult.

Yet as we prepare for difficult times ahead , I remind myself that there are still things to be grateful for . Because in gratitude we find solace in our otherwise stressful life. I’m not looking for the silver lining but truly appreciating what I have.

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Love : An abundance of love from family and friends. This month has brought home to me the importance of a loving family.

My father always tells me that while we don’t choose our families, we definitely choose our friends. So we should choose wisely. I am grateful for my friends who always find time for me even though I may not always find time for them. Thank you dear ladies  relaxing afternoons we shared over conversation and a delightful summer lunch.

Health & Exercise : At the beginning of this month, I had a minor health issue which led to some major investigation. I am grateful that nothing major has developed and the only weighty problem is my weight.

But I am grateful that we have a Gym in our building so that I can sneak out at least 35 minutes on the treadmill.

Blogging & Bloggers : How can something that is intangible become a real part of your life? It can and unlike most people who follow Google blindly, I am becoming one of those blogging addicts who finds herself constantly checking out alerts, stats and new posts.

I am grateful to all my blogger friends whose engaging posts keep me entertained and well informed.

Lastly, I’m grateful for this quiet time which perforce I had to spend at home. It has given me a chance to introspect and catch up on many thoughts that have been running amok in my head.

Sharing these thoughts with Vidya Sury’s #Gratitude Circle


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Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

18 Comments on “Gratitude is hard to find in hard times

  1. So true. Many of us are undergoing hard times right now – maybe it is just “that time” in our lives. I always, upon waking, try to find one or more things to be grateful for. There are so many things and I cling to them now, during my particular hard time. I wish the best for you too, Bellybytes.

  2. It is wonderful of you to write this post when times are tough! Good that you have a gym in the building! We have one nearby but still, it is difficult to keep up with their timings, so I tend to walk on the terrace, which is really a boon. Glad you have a loving family and friends–that makes everything in life better!
    I wish you strength and happiness in May, Sunita. Thank you for joining the Gratitude Circle!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…What is on the wallpaper of my mind? #GratitudeCircleMy Profile

  3. I hope these difficult times pass soon, Sunita. Hugs to you, dear!
    it’s something I have written about today, about being addicted to my blogging, that you have written, too. Really, our blogs are what keep us going, despite all the chaos happening around us!
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Why blogging Xcites me. #AtoZMy Profile

  4. I started writing a response to Mumbai on a High (Bellybytes) for her article on Gratitude, and my answer started to get long, so I thought it would make a good post. When I read something that I’ve struggled to learn myself, I feel the need to share the lessons I’ve learned!

    What I was writing seemed to be more for the person who struggles to find Gratitude, not for she who had already found it!

    “I’m so happy to hear that you’re able to find things to be grateful for in the midst of stress! Finding gratitude is key for developing a peaceful spirit and having peace of mind. Also super happy that you’re going to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle! This is super not only for handling body weight, but for handling stress too!

    For any reader who struggles with finding gratitude because of feeling overwhelmed, the key I discovered was to write down joyful moments! Even or I should say, especially the small fleeting ones.

    Why? In times of great stress the mind can become blinded to seeing things in a positive way. The spirit can become so burdened that feeling positive seems hollow and possible solutions seem to be too far from the current reality.

    By writing down the small moments of joy, we give ourselves something to hold onto. Interestingly, as we mindfully set about to notice and write down these moments, our mind and spirit becomes more open to seeing other moments, which would otherwise go unnoticed!

    This is a small thing we can do for ourselves, and surprisingly it can become our life raft, the very thing which helps lift us out of our crisis mode.

    Follow this link to read the rest of the article:

    Peace to you all and many blessings as you find Joy!
    Tamara recently posted…Gratitude, Joy and SynchronicityMy Profile

  5. Sometimes it is hard to find gratitude when we get caught up with too many aspects that brings down the energy levels. I appreciate you for focusing on friends who could be there for you. I have always been lifted up by friends in the most unexpected ways. Nice to know you found a gym at your place and with regard to weight issues – you are not alone…. I too am working on my weight issues 🙂 Its a blessing to have quiet time and it does help us rejuvenate. I am sure this too shall pass…. wishing you a happy and peaceful may…

    1. Thanks Angela. These days have passed. Sadly my father in law who was ailing breathed his last on Saturday so we are slowly returning to normal

  6. I am glad you wrote this post inspite of the fact that things weren’t all good. Hope you are feeling better and spending the time you need on the treadmill. Time with friends and family makes a whole lot of difference. Glad you had that.
    Have a happy May, Sunita and keep blogging.
    Parul Thakur recently posted…Gratitude List – April 2018My Profile

  7. I haven’t gone for my evening walks for so many days. Would do that today. Health, love, family- things we take for granted are sure those things we need to be grateful for. Blogging had me occupied this April. I am back to relaxing and planning properly my next posts.

  8. I am glad I stopped by to read this post today! Stressful situations can add more stress in us! It could puts us in a spin easily that we must try to get out of. I only hope things get better and you find the courage to face it and move forward! Happy to know your gratitude list here in spite of problems! I see you are a strong person! Hugs!
    JayanthyGovindarajan (@JayanthyG) recently posted…My Dear April #GratitudeCircleMy Profile

    1. Thanks Jayanthy. Life is a series of ups and downs and since we never question our happy times why should we question our bad times ? I do hope things get better ….

  9. If there’s one thing I am almost always grateful for, it’s friends. Conversations never run out with them and they’re the perfect way to relax. Glad you have some good ones. I hope all is well on the health front. Health is something we always take for granted and yet it is a real downer when we’re not feeling hundred perfect fine.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Vacations, train travel and other happy thingsMy Profile

    1. April was hard because Father in law was terminally ill . He passed away on Saturday. I will be spending more time with friends now especially a weekend away from home with friends

  10. Life never stays constant – what would be the point right? I can totally empathise with your situation right now as I have somewhat similar issues in my life.
    Good to see you tackling health by hitting the gym as and when you can – big pat on the back for that Sunita.
    More points for taking time out to chill with friends – times like these, they are the best stressbusters – I am grateful to mine around me too 🙂
    Here’s wishing for a brighter and happier May!!

    1. Thanks Shalini. Unfortunately this last week the Gym has gone for a toss. So has the inspiration too …..Perhaps it is due to a bereavement in the family

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