I am a prickly pear #FridayReflections

“Don’t talk to strangers” .

This was the standard advice I’d get from my grandma, my mother, my father, my brother, my friends . And now , I get the same advice from my husband, my in-laws and even my daughters!

It won’t be long before my grandchildren tell me ” Ajji don’t talk to strange people.”

Yes! Everyone tells me NOT to talk to strangers.  Simply because according to all those who know me, I can even talk to a WALL.

So naturally, I’m not going reveal much to a stranger on a plane. And what you see is what you get!

Prickly Pear

  • These days I love playing the part of “I’m a little, old lady ” : I keep my handbag under the chair in front of me ( because my hands don’t reach up dumbo!) and who fidgets a bit with the seat belt, especially getting it to fit round her waist.
  • I am a movie freak and watch all the watchable movies on the flight.
  • I am quite a fussy eater and actually waste the food or send it back it I don’t like it.
  • I get up from time to time, either to stretch my legs or go to the loo.
  • I am scared of air turbulence and actually grip my seat in fear when the fasten seat belt sign comes on
  • I hate crying babies and won’t reach out to comfort a wailing infant or even help the helpless mother.
  • I value my space and if your head flops onto my shoulder while sleeping, I WILL PUSH IT BACK TO YOUR NECK.
  • Similarly, if your hand inadvertently comes onto my lap or your knee touches mine, I will make it quite obvious that I DON’T like it.
  • But on the other hand, I will hand you your meal tray, glass of water/wine or any hand out if you are squashed on the last seat by the window and the cabin crew find it difficult to reach out to you.
  • Similarly, if you need any help in filling out any forms, I will gladly assist you.
  • If you want me to change my seat so that you can sit next to your friend/companion I would normally oblige.

But if you expect me to tell you my whole life story  in exchange for yours, forget it!

Responding to the prompt on what I reveal about myself to a stranger on the plane, at #FridayReflections hosted by Corinne and Kohl-Eyed Girl.

Happy weekend all!


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Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

10 Comments on “I am a prickly pear #FridayReflections

  1. This made for a very interesting read. I’d most of the things that you have shared.
    Except that I dont get up from my seat and prefer to sleep or read. I empathise with mothers of wailing kids, because I have been in their shoes. But hate crying babies! 😀

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