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  1. Caregivers is a must in today’s times and the role played to ensure the patient gets not only care but emotional stability and love. Rash driving should be dealt more severely and in today’s times, it’s getting worse.

  2. Yes, it does and agree with it completely. Last year, my mom was unwell and the illness left her pretty weak to do anything. While, my parents’ house help managed the chores, food was a problem. So, we three sisters decided to cook and send tiffins from our respective homes or cook at mom’s place. We did it for a week and we realized that it was exhausting and derailed our entire work at our own homes and office. We decided to hire a cook for a few days. It was met with great resistance not only from our parents but also from our ‘well-wishers’. It was so annoying and frustrating. Did cooking with our own hands showed that we loved our parents more? And that a hired cook meant we were indifferent and callous?
    Similarly a friend decided that a home for elderly was best for her mom with mental illness considering that she had twin toddlers and work as well. I think that was the best thing to do, not only for the mother for she received the best professional care but also for my friend who could devote time to her family as well as her mother without being drained out all the time and without any resentment.
    Seek help if you cant manage it on your own.

  3. Hugs! Wishing you the strength to cope up with the challenging situation Sunita.
    As for hiring the services of the professional care takers, I am on same page with you. The families are growing nuclear and thus availability of manpower is big challenge. Enrolling the services of the professional care givers provides for the sanity of others in the family of the patient. It gives enough room for the family members to go about their routine and also to spend quality time with the patient. This in turn is a boon in disguise to the patient and to the family members as well. I can say this very confidently, as I had gone through similar situation few years back when my MIL had taken to bed.
    Keep yourself strong…and whatever little that I know of you, you are a woman of steel, Sunita!

  4. Such a profound post my dear and I am on the same track as you are but unfortunately no one understands our view point especially in an Indian household. I have been misunderstood and even silently blamed from found guilty of running away from my duties when I had suggested the same.

  5. Ah the hospital has to be INHS Asvini :)))) It is indeed a lovely one, having had both my babies born there. And gettting back to agin, its a complex stage of life, when apart from your frailing physical health, mentally, somewhere life drains them out. The pressure and strain on the caregiver becomes immense. But one needs to be strong and get going. cause the wheels of life often reverse.
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  6. A difficult time Sunita and no easy solutions or answers! So long as your reasons are right and in the best interests of all concerned I dont think you should bother with anybody else says. You know better, actually what is best for you – so go for it.

  7. AToZ has been keeping me very busy and I haven’t read your posts , this is something that resonated with me so well. Caring for someone especially if long term can be very draining. Not just physically but mentally too. Deciding to keep them in professional care where one can afford is not at all callousness in fact it’s the best you are doing for them and you. Visit them frequently and create memorable moments than frustration being in one place and feeling the brunt
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